Holman Fenwick Willan Training Contract Application Example Answers

Please give details of any positions of responsibility held at school.*

In 2003 I founded the languages ‘lunchtime’ club where students got an opportunity to improve their linguistic skills and learn additional languages. I was in charge of the [language] and [language] teaching course where I supervised five executive members, organised excursions to [language] and [language] events in United Kingdom, provided students with interactive activities and homework and helped them to prepare for GCSE exams. I was a very active member of the debating society and have represented my school in the national debate competition. To help the local community I organised and participated in ‘give a hand, help a neighbour’ campaign whereby the local community was encouraged to help the elderly and deprived through altruistic behaviour. I was the member of the local amateur [Sport] club whereby I competed in amateur bouts almost every fortnight.