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Law firms are constantly recruiting for associate lawyers to join them. Typically, law firms specify the associate level that they are looking for. In the UK, an associate is someone who is already qualified in England and Wales or elsewhere (New York or Australia). Therefore, as an associate, you will be hitting the ground running with a law firm.

How to find the most relevant associate jobs

When applying for associate positions with law firms in the UK, you should first consider the associate level a law firm is seeking (this could be a newly qualified associate or an associate lawyer with an X number of post-qualification experience. Next, you should consider the practice area. Law firms will recruit associates into a specific practice area in which they have a vacancy (this could be anything from litigation, corporate, real estate, capital markets, etc.). You should also pay attention to the practice area and consider whether it is a good fit for your experience and interest. If you are a newly qualified associate, you should think extremely carefully about what area you would like to specialise in. Last but not least, do think about the type of law firm you would like to work for and its culture: US law firm, international, Magic Circle, Silver Circle, regional or boutique.