Graduate and Trainee Jobs

Browse and Apply for the latest Training Contracts with Leading Law Firms

Below, you will find all the training contract vacancies with law firms operating in the UK. In order to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales, the typical qualification route will require you to undertake a 2-year training contract with a law firm. During your training contract, you will undertake different seats by working at a range of different departments as per the requirements from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

How to Choose and Apply for Your Perfect Training Contract

Before applying for a training contract, think about the type of law firm you would like to work for. The law firms in England and Wales are usually categorised as follows: US law firms, Magic Circle and Silver Circle law firms, regional law firms, high street and boutique firms, city law firms. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but it will give you an idea of the different law firms out there and help you to inform your decision as to where you would like to train. Usually, law firms will have their own internal application process for training contract applications. A lot of the law firms have an internal training contract application systems whilst others will simply require you to send out your CV and covering letter. Please ensure that you pay particular attention to each training contract vacancy.

Some Useful Advice for Maximising Your Chances of Securing Your Dream Training Contract

Make sure that you tailor your training contract application for each law firm and really show the recruiter of why you would like to train specifically at their law firm and not any other. You should then ensure that you show how your skills and personal attributes make you a perfect fit to train at a given law firm. We recommend that you visit our blog for help and tips on writing excellent training contract applications.