Kazakh Speaking Legal Assistant Jobs

Kazakh Speaking Paralegal Jobs and Document Review Roles

Kazakh continues to be a very important language among international and US law firms in the city of London. The English legal market has seen multiple high-profile and famous Kazakh cases and legal matters involving prominent Kazakh private and state-owned corporations, public figures and high-net-worth individuals including Kazakhstan Kagazy PLC. Kazakh language has been extremely popular with banking and energy and natural resources sectors, mostly due to the country’s strong presence in these sectors.

As a Kazakh speaking paralegal, you are very likely to undertake work that will involve your language skills. This includes but is by no means limited to document review, translation of legal and non-legal documents (i.e. witness statements, expert reports, memoranda, etc.), legal research and drafting, liaising with Kazakh-speaking legal professionals and even clients and relevant stakeholders. Recently, Kazakh language has been among the most popular languages for document reviews during the disclosure stages of litigation. As a Kazakh-speaking document reviewer, you are likely to be asked to review documents (both in hardcopy and electronically) for relevance and privilege as part of the disclosure stage in litigation. If you speak Kazakh and would like to build your career in the legal sector, make sure to browse the latest vacancies and apply today!


How to Find the Best Law Jobs

First, decide on the work duration (permanent or temporary paralegal vacancies). Temporary and shorter term jobs have a tendency to pay higher than the permanent based jobs. This is due to overtime, weekend work and working on special cases. Second, take note of the type of the law firm, city and laws guiding their establishment. Finally, consider the language stated in the vacancies for the jobs advertised.