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A legal assistant, also known as a paralegal, is someone who provides support to lawyers and fee earners at a law firm. Legal assistants are normally not qualified as solicitors but in some cases they can be qualified as solicitors in England and Wales or overseas. A legal assistant usually provides administrative support to fee earners via direct involvement in a case. A legal assistant works under the supervision of a qualified lawyer. The tasks undertaken by a legal assistant depend on the type of a law firm that they work for and the practice area. Quite commonly, legal assistants will assist with preparing court bundles, document review projects and disclosure, translations, witness statement and document proofreading, legal research, drafting, taking of minutes and much more. There are permanent and temporary legal assistant vacancies. Sometimes a legal assistant may be needed to help on a single case whilst permanent legal assistant will usually assist the fee earners across multiple cases and matters in any given department.

How to find the Best Legal Assistant Job

Firstly, decide on your desired pay. As a legal assistant, you will not have much room for career progression so you may want to opt for the best paying legal assistant jobs. Usually, short-term legal assistant roles pay on an hourly basis and offer overtime. Depending on your objectives, you should consider the nature of the project and whether there is scope for overtime and weekend work. Next, consider the type of law firm you would like to work for. US, magic circle and international city law firms are usually busier and offer longer hours and more scope for overtime work. On the contrary, regional and high street law firms offer a better work-life balance. A lot of legal matters in London take on an international shape and you may want to consider your language skills. There is a constant demand for legal assistants who speak different languages. Such positions usually offer very good pay and can be less competitive.