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A paralegal or a legal assistant is someone who assists fee earners (lawyers) and other paralegals with legal cases and matters. A lot of the time paralegals are not qualified as solicitors in England and Wales but in some cases, paralegals can be qualified lawyers. Usually, graduates will ‘paralegal’ right after their studies or whilst they are waiting to commence their training contracts as a means of generating an income and gaining some experience. For others, paralegal jobs represent permanent careers. Some law firms have a hierarchy for paralegals with senior paralegals being at the top.

How to Find the Best Paralegal Jobs

Firstly, you have to decide between permanent and temporary paralegal vacancies. If you are a graduate and are waiting to commence your training contract, a temporary position may be more suitable. On the other hand, if you would like to develop your career as a paralegal, you may want to consider permanent paralegal jobs. Next, you should consider the pay. Shorter term paralegal vacancies usually offer better pay and more scope for overtime and weekend work as short term legal assistants are usually taken on during a busy period to assist with a specific case or matter. When browsing paralegal vacancies, do pay attention to the law firm type. City and US law firms tend to offer higher paid vacancies with more scope for overtime work whilst regional and high street firms may offer a better work-life balance. If you speak another language, then you should definitely consider foreign language paralegal vacancies. Such vacancies are usually created to assist with cases that have a foreign language element and tend to have less competition than typical non-language paralegal vacancies.