Application for a newly qualified associate position with Shearman & Sterling

Application for a newly qualified associate position with Shearman & Sterling

Re: Application for a newly qualified associate position with Shearman & Sterling

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to submit this covering letter in support of my application for a newly qualified associate position with Shearman & Sterling.

I have chosen to apply to Shearman & Sterling because I am attracted by its inclusive and collegiate culture. I feel that the firm will present me with an opportunity to work in one of the largest international law firms with the intimacy of a smaller office, which will allow me to get to know my colleagues and clients on a more personal level whilst still having access to the depth and breadth of the firm’s global resources. I would like to start my career as a newly qualified associate with Shearman & Sterling because I feel that its prestigious client base will present me with complex and interesting legal work that will allow me to apply my creativity and problem-solving skills to devise cutting-edge solutions to novel legal problems. The firm’s strong international reach and presence will allow me to forge personal and professional relationships with professionals from international offices and expose me to quality and interesting international work.

Being qualified in New York and England and Wales, I believe that Shearman & Sterling will afford me the opportunity to apply my knowledge of New York law whilst working on international legal matters. During my employment at some of the leading international and US law firms, I have received direct exposure on some of the most high-profile legal matters. This experience helped to develop my entire set of skills which will enable me to operate successfully as a newly qualified solicitor. I was vested with high levels of responsibility and have demonstrated an outstanding ability to manage my workload and prioritise competing deadlines.

I possess very good teamwork and communication skills, which will allow me to work successfully with lawyers and clients from different countries and jurisdictions. During my employment, I have received quality exposure to multiple industries and legal practice areas. This has developed my commercial awareness which, in turn, allows me to align all of my work with the requirements of clients and their respective businesses. I have received a lot of direct contact with very high-profile clients and their associates, which has developed my client-facing skills. I always undertake my work with utmost attention to details. My language skills will allow me to add value to international cases and forge effective relationships with overseas lawyers and clients. I possess very good problem-solving skills and enjoy working on complex cases to devise cutting-edge solutions to problems without any precedents.

I am very motivated and enjoy new challenges. In my spare time, I regularly do [sport] and help to coach others. [sport] has helped to hone my discipline and resilience to pressure and new challenges.

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully