Application for an Associate position with Fried Frank

Application for an Associate position with Fried Frank

Re: Application for an Associate position with Fried Frank

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to apply for an associate position with Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson (London) (“Fried Frank”).

I find Fried Frank’s international presence and offices in major financial centers to be of a particular appeal as it will allow me to work in diverse international teams and present me with complex and interesting work that does not have template solutions. I feel that my language skills and knowledge of different cultures will allow me to forge successful relationships with the firm’s international teams, clients and other stakeholders. I have chosen to apply to Fried Frank because I believe that the relatively small size of its London office will present me with good levels of responsibility over my workload and enable me to work in highly integrated teams on cutting-edge matters. I find that the firm’s friendly, yet competitive culture will enable me to work with some of the leading lawyers to constantly set legal precedents and keep ahead of the competition.

During my work experience as a legal assistant, I worked across many industries, practice areas and jurisdictions, which have not only developed my set of skills but have also given me a good working understanding of client requirements and different industries. I feel that this knowledge and commercial acumen will allow me to add value to my work and deliver cutting-edge solutions for clients. Having worked in teams of different sizes and cultures at a number of different law firms, I have acquired excellent teamwork skills and an ability to forge successful professional relationships. I possess very good organisational, time-management and problem-solving skills which I have developed whilst working on many challenging, demanding and high-value cases. These skills will enable me to organise my workload and prioritise competing deadlines to meet internal and external objectives. 

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully