Application for Oil & Gas, M&A, Projects and Project Financing Associate Role with Vinson & Elkins

Application for Oil & Gas, M&A, Projects and Project Financing Associate Role with Vinson & Elkins

Re: Application for Oil & Gas, M&A, Projects and Project Financing Associate Role with Vinson & Elkins

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to apply for Oil & Gas, M&A, Projects and Project Financing Associate Role with Vinson & Elkins LLP.

I have chosen to apply to the firm’s Houston office because it is the energy capital of the world which would expose me to cutting-edge energy-related work. Vinson & Elkins LLP’s experience in Houston and its expertise in the oil and gas sector will present me with a prestigious client base and headline-grabbing legal matters. During my previous legal experience, I have worked on many interesting energy and oil and gas matters involving Russian and CIS clients. For example, I have worked very closely with minority shareholder clients in their dispute with a Dutch company in an oil and gas exploration joint venture in Russia. Whilst at [law firm], I worked on one of the most high-profile disputes in London between two Russian high-net-worth individuals. During this matter, I received quality exposure to Russia’s oil and gas sectors and some of the leading companies operating in these sectors. I am very keen to build on my experience in the oil and gas sectors by working on oil and gas matters out of the firm’s Houston office.

I have chosen to apply to Vinson & Elkins because I find that the firm’s friendly and entrepreneurial culture will empower me to apply my initiative and creativity to add value to my work as well as provide a perfect forum that will enable me to develop into a successful lawyer. I find the firm’s expertise and focus on the energy and mining industries to be of great interest as this will allow me to consolidate and expand upon my knowledge of these sectors gained during my work on several high-profile energy cases. I find the firm’s extensive work in the emerging markets to be very exciting as such work will give me exposure to challenging yet rewarding markets and jurisdictions. This will, in turn, allow me to apply my knowledge of Russian language, history, industries and culture to help to expand Vinson & Elkins’ reach and market share of the emerging markets.

During my employment, I worked across many industries, practice areas and jurisdictions, which have not only developed my set of skills but have also given me a good working understanding of client requirements and nuances of different industries. I feel that this knowledge and commercial acumen will allow me to add value to my work and deliver cutting-edge solutions for clients that are on par with their commercial objectives. Having worked in teams of different sizes and cultures at a number of different law firms, I have acquired excellent teamwork skills and an ability to forge successful professional relationships. I possess very good organisational, time-management and problem-solving skills which I have developed whilst working on many challenging, demanding and high-value cases. These skills will enable me to organise my workload and prioritise competing deadlines to meet internal and external objectives. I have very good communication and drafting skills. In my previous roles, I helped to draft witness statements, expert reports, a prospectus for an IPO of a luxury goods company and regularly corresponded with clients via email, conference calls and in-person. I had attended a board of directors EGM where I explained complex issues to clients and lawyers in a very simple and understandable language.

I am very motivated and enjoy new challenges. In my spare time, I regularly do [sport] and help to coach others. [sport] has helped to hone my discipline and resilience to pressure and new challenges.

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully