Asset Management Graduate Cover Letter Sample

Asset Management Graduate Cover Letter Sample

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have decided to pursue a career in investment management following my extensive employment at a number of law firms where I was exposed to a variety of international clients operating across industries as diverse as natural resources and energy, telecoms, fashion, and banking. I worked very closely with businesses and especially enjoyed analysing different business models and structures in order to understand the key business drivers and the risks and opportunities facing individual businesses. In turn, I came to realise that my strength lies in commercial acumen combined with a propensity for lateral thinking and dynamic decision making. I therefore came to an informed decision that a career in investment management will vest me with a constant interaction with a range of businesses and allow me to apply my skill-set and commercial nous to decide on and execute the best investment opportunities for clients which will lead to an intellectually stimulating environment.

I have chosen to apply to Baillie Gifford because I find its strong focus on investment management through an integrated network of its core specialist areas very appealing because I will receive a holistic understanding of how different investment management processes interact with each other as well as develop expert knowledge of investment management which will allow me to develop and provide seamless investment opportunities to clients. I feel that Baillie Gifford can offer me with the best career prospects through its on-the-job training which will allow me to learn from the best experts in the investment management field. Baillie Gifford’s collegiate and open culture will allow me to contribute my ideas and developments to my work which I find very empowering as it will enable me to add value to my work and apply and utilise my full potential. I find the prospect of working in Scotland very attractive because I am very keen to meet people from different backgrounds and experience a new culture.

I believe that my range of skills and experiences make me a strong candidate for a graduate position at Baillie Gifford. I am a very enthusiastic, commercially aware and confident which will allow me to deal with new challenges and align all my work to individual client requirements. At [law firm], I accompanied a group of shareholders to a board of directors extraordinary general meeting of a natural resources company in Amsterdam. During the meeting, I played a very proactive role and demonstrated very good knowledge of the client’s business and the natural resources sector and identified the main problem areas, all of which helped the solicitors to devise an effective and timely solution for the client.

I possess strong teamwork, communication and analytical skills which will enable me to work seamlessly in diverse teams to discuss and develop ideas into successful solutions for clients. At [law firm] , I assisted the solicitors with the preparation of an initial public offering prospectus for a luxury brand in the fashion industry. During the negotiations with associates and other stakeholders, I contributed my perspectives based on my knowledge of the matter and helped to develop ideas raised by others. I always communicated my ideas across succinctly and convincingly.

I am entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and well organised which will enable me to deal with challenging situations professionally and effectively. In [year], I pioneered the University of [university] Amateur [sport] Club for the first time in fifty years by developing and implementing a successful strategy to persuade the Sports Committee to grant permission for a new [sport] club.

I believe that my linguistic abilities, cultural perspectives and tenacity to succeed will allow me to thrive at Baillie Gifford and serve as a valuable contribution towards meeting the firm’s objectives.

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully,