Bircham Dyson Bell Vacation Scheme and Training Contract Application Example

Bircham Dyson Bell Vacation Scheme and Training Contract Application Example

Please describe a challenging experience you have encountered recently. What did you learn from it? 250 words max.

Whilst working at [law firm], I was given the ‘last-minute’ responsibility to substitute the notary at a client meeting as he could not make it. I was given limited information regarding the meeting and I was the only one in the office so I did not have anyone to turn to for guidance. The reception notified me when the client had arrived and I had to welcome him into the office. At the meeting, I had to explain the process of the notarisation, authenticate documents and make photocopies. At the end of the meeting, I prepared an invoice for the client. I found this experience to be especially challenging because I was required to deal with a client on my own for the very first time. During the meeting, I had to draw on my knowledge and experience from observing how the notary dealt with clients and apply this knowledge to this client. I was also required to demonstrate a good level of commercial awareness by delivering a service that was in tune with the client’s requirements. 

Please select one of our practice areas and identify a current legal issue or legislative change which has interested you. Why is this important for our clients in this practice area? 250 words max.

I was very attracted to the lawsuit by Amazon, an online marketplace, against individuals offering fake product reviews on, a freelance website where individuals can buy all sorts of services known as gigs for as little as 5 USD. This lawsuit related to Bircham Dyson Bell’s technology and media business sector and raises a wider legal issue – the need to protect the internet and large marketplaces against unscrupulous practices such as fake product reviews that are done with the objective of misleading consumers. This landmark legal case is important to Bircham Dyson Bell’s clients because even a few fake reviews can damage a company’s reputation. On the other hand, fake reviews can also manipulate the market place which can cause honest online retailers to lose sales because of unethical practices of their competitors. 

What is the most interesting (non-legal) thing you have learnt recently? Why was it of particular interest to you? 250 words max.

Recently, I have learnt about the rapid development of the IT sector. I have learnt that new apps and websites are being released in order to make traditional industries more efficient and competitive. For example, companies such as “Just Eat” and “we buy any car dot com” are streamlining and centralising the entire food delivery and second hand car buying and selling services. I think that such developments will eventually expand into more business sectors and re-shape and revolutionise many sectors. This development in the centralisation of businesses across different sectors is of interest to me because it is revolutionising the business models of many industries by bringing all businesses in one marketplace. Such business models will not only increase the competitiveness of individual businesses who will start competing more directly with other businesses but will also offer a better deal for the end consumer. A good example of such a business model is “Just Eat” because it has helped to save many failing small restaurants by allowing people to order from any restaurant with a click of a button. I feel that this is the future 

Why is it important to you to become a solicitor? In particular, why do you think you are suitable to be a solicitor at Bircham Dyson Bell? 250 words max.

It is important for me to become a solicitor because I have always acted as an active mediator to disputes between my family and friends. I really enjoyed considering all sides of an argument before applying my good judgment and problem-solving skills before reaching a decision that would be accepted by all parties. As a solicitor, I feel that I will be able to continually grow and develop intellectually because I will be required to liaise and cooperate with different departments within a law firm when seeking expertise in different areas of law. 

I am suitable to be a solicitor at Bircham Dyson Bell because I covet excellent teamwork and problem-solving skills which will allow me to work with the firm’s professionals to solve complex cross border legal issues. My creativity and commercial awareness will present me with an opportunity to find new way of solving problems without defined solutions as well as enable me to understand the challenges and opportunities facing businesses across different sectors. This will help me to ensure that all of my work is closely aligned to the objectives of businesses. Given the relatively small size of Bircham Dyson Bell and its intimate culture, I will be able to forge successful working relationships with the firm’s professionals, which I feel will allow me to develop into a leading solicitor.

Please include anything else you have achieved that you would like to mention? 250 words max. 

My hard work and determination to achieve academic success are proven in my results and I have been awarded one of the University’s Achievement Awards funded by the scholarship department. This award is only given to 10 students in each year based on their attainment of overall academic excellence. I successfully attained a third place at European Moscow Games in 2011 and 6th Place at the Worldwide Moscow Games 2013.