Bishop & Sewell Training Contract Application Example

Bishop & Sewell Training Contract Application Example

Why are you applying to Fisher Meredith? (200 words max)*

I am applying to Fisher Meredith because it specialises in a wide spectrum of legal services in the private client and business client sectors. This will present me with exposure to diverse clients and to unique problems which will help me to follow my interests and allow me to develop into a well-rounded lawyer. I am especially attracted by the firm’s seamless service to business clients representing them in the full range of their commercial interests. I feel that this will give me a good understanding of how companies operate and the problems they face at different stages of their existence. I would like to train at Fisher Meredith because I find ‘one firm’ approach very appealing because this will enable me to work closely with all teams to share ideas and to constantly push borders and set new standards. This will present me with different views which will enable me to form my own innovative perspectives to problems. Similarly, I will be able to see the bigger picture of how different practice areas and laws interact which will improve my ability to manipulate and apply law to most complex situations and extend the boundaries of the law.
Our brand promise is 'representing success'. Please explain how you believe this relates to the role of a trainee solicitor. (200 words max)*

I believe that this brand promise means that the trainee solicitors will be provided with high quality training which will develop them into successful solicitors who will shape the future of the firm and propel its success. The ‘one firm’ approach and open and honest culture will allow trainees to flourish in an environment where they will be able to learn from experienced members of the firm and demonstrate their skills and potential by working across diverse teams. This will ultimately allow the trainees to develop into successful legal practitioners by acquiring and honing a skill-set which will enable them to challenge the existing legal norms and produce innovative solutions that will solve most complex problems and deliver an excellent client service.

The competition for training contracts is getting stiffer. What skills and attributes do you believe differentiate you from other applicants? (250 words max)*

I posses strong teamwork, communication and leadership skills which will enable me to work and lead diverse teams to develop cutting-edge solutions for clients. At [Law Firm Name], I operated in a team when conducting document review during the disclosure stage. In order to meet a tight deadline, I closely collaborated with others to gauge our progress and prioritise tasks. I was always forthcoming with ideas on how to streamline our operations and re-allocate work according to skill sets within the team.

I am commercially aware and have strong problem-solving skills which will enable me to offer solutions to most complex commercial problems facing clients. At [Law Firm Name] I attended a Board of Directors EGM in my capacity as an interpreter between a [language] client and English and Dutch solicitors. At the EGM, I was required to think on my feet and see things from a business perspective and always align myself with client’s commercial objectives. I demonstrated initiative and a capacity for innovative thinking by bringing new perspectives to the problem which helped us to arrive at a quick solution to meet the client’s imminent needs.

I am versatile and have a propensity for innovative thinking to solve complex problems. I pioneered the [University] Amateur [Sport] Club for the first time in fifty years by developing and implementing a successful strategy to persuade the Sports Committee to grant permission for a new [Sport] club.