BLM Training Contract Application Questions (and Answers)

BLM Training Contract Application Questions (and Answers)

Please explain why you are applying to Berrymans Lace Mawer for a vacation scheme and/or training contract. 300

I am applying to Berrymans Lace Mawer LLP (BLM) because it operates a ‘partner-led’ approach across all practice areas. This will enable me to operate in small teams of partners and associates in a highly integrated way. This will ensure that I receive highly focused personal training by gaining a hands-on experience on important matters. I will receive early responsibility and experience a steep learning curve, which will make my work environment challenging and rewarding.

I am attracted to BLM because it specialises in contentious matters in more than thirty different areas and has a very broad client base ranging from FTSE-100 companies to public sector bodies. This will provide me with a very deep insight and involvement in cases of different shapes and forms, which will equip me with the relevant knowledge and skills to become a successful solicitor.

BLM appeals to me because it offers a truly national presence and unified partnership in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Southampton. This will enable me to work in highly integrated teams on complex assignments across different cities. This will expose me to different ideas and approaches, which will allow me to develop as a solicitor.

I am very attracted by BLM’s increasing involvement in cases with an international dimension because this will present me with increasingly complex assignments that do not always have clearly defined solutions which will require me to constantly push borders and set new standards.
Insurance is part of our DNA. We are one of the UK's longest-established insurance firms, with many decades of experience handling and defending all manner of insurance claims. Chambers & Partners [year] recently described the firm as a 'technical powerhouse' with a 'strong commercial focus and emphasis upon practical solutions'.

What skills and qualities do you possess that would make a valuable contribution to Berrymans Lace Mawer? 300

I possess outstanding interpersonal skills and commercial acumen. At [Law Firm Name], I assisted on a shareholder dispute in a joint venture vehicle. I attended a Board of Directors EGM of a joint venture in Amsterdam in my capacity as an interpreter between clients and overseas solicitors. I applied a sharp analytical mind to explain complex issues in a simple language and made sense of a very complicated situation. I was required to think on my feet and always align myself with client’s commercial objectives.

I am very committed, show initiative and possess good organisational and time-management skills. At [law firm], I was given the task of proofreading and editing an Initial Offering Memorandum for a luxury goods company. Having received handwritten mark-ups, I noticed overlaps and inconsistency in commentary between the parties. In turn, I devised a global list of standard terms to ensure uniformity and coherence throughout the document. This helped to improve the overall consistency of the Memorandum and allowed the parties to focus their attention on more substantive segments of the document.

I possess good attention to detail, problem-solving and teamwork skills. Whilst at [Law Firm Name], I was given the responsibility of ensuring that witness statements conformed to a unified formatting guide before being filed with court on the next day. Late into the night, I discovered that old versions of the witness statements were translated and therefore did not reflect the latest original drafts. With nobody available at the London office, I contacted the entire team in the [city] office and asked for their assistance with the translations. I organised and flagged up the sections that were materially different and, along with the deadline, distributed them across to the [city] team. Ultimately, the witness statements were translated accurately and filed with court on time.

I am fluent in several languages and can add value to the firm when dealing with international cases.

Please give details of any positions of responsibility and any other noteworthy achievements in support of your application. 250

As a dedicated member of the [environmental society], I helped to introduce and develop social responsibility initiatives at University. I had successfully organised and developed a scheme whereby all unused desktops in the library were turned off during the vacation breaks to help reduce the University’s carbon footprint. In my third year at university, I held the position of a law representative for the student-staff liaison committee and delivered constant improvements to the law school. As the President of the [university] Amateur [Sport] Society, I organised training sessions, coordinated and managed executives, promoted the club to students and helped to attract outside investment to help the society grow. In my second year at University, I was the sports executive for the [language] Speaking Society and organised many exciting social and sporting initiatives. At university I attained a third place in the Clifford Chance Mooting Competition. Whilst at university, I embraced the challenge of learning how to play [sport] and in less than four weeks, I was selected to represent the university in the National University [sport] Championships. In [year], I attained a third place for my sixth form in the European Debating Competition. In [year], I was awarded the [award]for academic excellence at GCSE and A-Level. In [year], I received the [award] for my achievements in amateur [Sport]. I represented my local borough in amateur [Sport] bouts and won a gold medal for England in the [tournament name].