Bristows Training Contract Application Model Answers

Bristows Training Contract Application Model Answers

Why have you chosen to become a solicitor? What relevant skills do you possess & why are you applying to us?

As a solicitor I will be able to assume early responsibility. Given that commercial law is both transactional and ongoing, it is clear that I will have to build a rapport with the client and apply strong communication skills coupled with high technical ability. This may require me to liaise with a number of legal departments thus making each day a unique, enjoyable and fulfilling work experience.

I am a very good at managing my time and prioritising. Whilst working for [law firm] I have successfully managed to keep to deadlines and complete the tasks to an exceptional standard. Having been a member of numerous societies at university I have developed my teamwork skills to a high level.

Unlike its competitors, Bristows has a substantial number of lawyers who first trained as scientists and who are readily able to understand sophisticated technology. This would therefore provide me with first-hand industry expertise in different practice areas in the size of the office where everyone knows who you are. For me this will mean getting involved in real work from the start whereby I will be able to add something to the cases I work on.

I am very entrepreneurial and passionate in what I do. This is reflected in amateur [Sport], where I have won a gold medal for England and had over fifty amateur fights. I was determined to pursue my interest at the university and thus pioneered an amateur [Sport] club at the [University].

Describe a difficult or challenging situation you have been faced with, the steps you took to respond to it and the outcome of your actions.

This year I have managed to start up an on-campus amateur [Sport] club at the [University]. Previously, applications have been rejected for the consecutive fifty years for health and safety reasons. Most students wanted a specifically [Sport]-orientated club. However, having taken into account the health and safety issues I have decided to shift the activities of the club from contact [Sport] to non-contact [Sport]-style fitness training. Having spoken to the board of the sports centre and the students union, it was agreed that this club should be allowed given the benefit it would confer on students and the community. As follows, I then proposed an affiliation with [city] [Sport] club for people who would be interested in representing [university] University in amateur [Sport] competitions, to which the university agreed. I feel that my success stemmed from my ability to compromise and helpfully inform other colleagues as to why we should adopt a different approach to opening a [Sport] club. More importantly, my excellent communication skills helped to successfully clarify the situation to senior managers of the sports centre by removing any entrenched prejudices they may have had towards the sport as well as to gain support amongst students.

I have received a [award name] Award for achieving best grades in my school. I was in charge of the football team, led the [Sport] squad to victory in [year] and [year]. I have also pioneered the 'Lunchtime Languages Club' where I organised classes to allow students a chance to learn other languages including [language] and [language]. Following the introduction of the informal languages clubs the school allowed students to do a GCSE exam in [language] and [language].

I have been a very zealous member of the ‘[society]’ society. In the past I have been in projects aimed to save electricity and helping the local wildlife, such as switching off unused computers in the library during vacation breaks. In January [year], I have successfully started an on-campus [Sport] club which has been unsuccessfully attempted for over fifty years. I am currently the president of the society and have the responsibility of managing ten executives. I am a very active executive of the [language] Speaking Society where I am actively organising cultural events such as the [celebration], [language] [national celebration], [language] Winter Party just to name a few. I am the Student-Staff Liaison Committee member for the third year law students and actively exercise my commitment to the legal profession by maintain a social dialogue between the students and staff of the law school.