By reference to other careers, explain why law would be your chosen career.

By reference to other careers, explain why law would be your chosen career.

Give details of how you spend your extra curricular time, including your contribution to any clubs/societies. For at least one of these explain the benefits you derive from this activity.

I am currently running a business in the entertainment industry with a pioneering concept. I am currently overseeing staff at all levels and working closely with a range of businesses in integrating this concept into their operations. This position of responsibility has improved my commercial acumen and client-facing skills as I am closely involved in negotiations with various businesses in selling and promoting our services. I am working with a company specialising in innovative payment systems in the UK to introduce this model to countries in the emerging markets. Outside the office hours, I run [sport] sessions at the [law firm] gym. This activity has improved my leadership and communication skills as I am responsible for teaching a group of individuals. At university, I pioneered the University of [university] Amateur [sport] Club for the first time in fifty years by developing and implementing a successful strategy to persuade the Sports Committee to grant permission for a new [sport] club. At university, I helped to develop an innovative initiative to reduce the university’s carbon footprint by switching off all unused desktops during vacation breaks. In my second year of university, I was a member of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee and helped to make improvements to the operation of the law school.

Describe a position of responsibility you have held. What did you learn about yourself and your impact on others?

At [law firm], I was vested with responsibility of dealing with all [language] aspects of a case and was asked to organise the document review process and devise guidelines for the reviewers. As part of this exercise, I created a dramatis personae, key words searches to be run against the client’s database, ran test searches and liaised with solicitors across multiple jurisdictions. During this process, I learnt that I enjoyed operating in a quick-paced environment and assuming high levels of responsibility because this required me to apply lateral thinking and commercial acumen to solve problems in real time. I also learnt that I enjoy working in teams because this exposes me to interesting ideas, approaches and perspectives which I can draw from to formulate my own perspective. For example, when devising the key word searches, I included informal and shortened version of the key word searches to capture as many documents as possible and ensure that nothing was left out. I learnt that I applied good communication skills and attention to detail when drafting the review guidelines to ensure that all reviewers were well informed of the case, objectives of the document review and the deadlines. During discussions and conference calls between teams, I helped to introduce new ideas and approaches by drawing on my knowledge of the case which helped to streamline the organisation of the document review. I learnt that I created a positive impact on others through my enthusiasm, good organisational and commercial acumen. During team meetings, I actively contributed to the discussions and applied good reasoning and evaluation skills.

By reference to other careers, explain why law would be your chosen career.

When considering my career options, I wanted to get involved in something where I would have a large involvement in commerce, variety and an ability to make important decisions. I was most attracted to a career in management or law. Following my work experience, I have chosen a career in law because I will receive exposure not only to law but also to commercial organisations of all shapes and sizes. In order to devise an optimal solution for clients, I will have to learn how their businesses function, the markets they operate in and the challenges they face. This knowledge will enable me to manipulate and apply law creatively in order to meet unique requirements of different commercial organisations. With the globalisation of commerce, I will find myself working across different borders, financial centres, jurisdictions and organisations which will effectively present me with challenging and stimulating work. I decided to pursue a career in commercial law during my employment at [law firm] where I was a direct port of contact for a client operating in the [language] energy sector. I enjoyed the process of learning about the client’s business and thinking how to apply law to solve their problems because this exposed me to quality and stimulating work. I enjoyed the process of working in international teams because this presented me with interesting ideas and approaches which required me to think laterally and creatively to introduce new ideas and suggestions. I found it very empowering because I got an overview of how my contribution fitted in to the bigger picture which allowed me to develop my commercial awareness and an understanding the interaction between law and commerce.

What aspects of your character and/or experiences do you think make you particularly suited for a legal career with a firm like Hogan Lovells?

I posses strong teamwork, communication and leadership skills which will enable me to work and lead diverse teams to develop cutting-edge solutions for clients. At [law firm] , I operated in a team when conducting document review during the disclosure stage. In order to meet a tight deadline, I closely collaborated with others to gauge our progress and prioritise tasks. I was always forthcoming with ideas on how to streamline our operations and re-allocate work according to skill sets within the team.

I am commercially aware and have strong problem-solving skills which will enable me to offer solutions to most complex commercial problems facing clients. At [law firm] I attended a Board of Directors EGM in my capacity as an interpreter between a [language] client and English and Dutch solicitors. At the EGM, I was required to think on my feet and see things from a business perspective and always align myself with client’s commercial objectives. I demonstrated initiative and a capacity for innovative thinking by bringing new perspectives to the problem which helped us to arrive at a quick solution to meet the client’s imminent needs.

I am versatile and have a propensity for innovative thinking to solve complex problems. I pioneered the University of [university] Amateur [sport] Club for the first time in fifty years by developing and implementing a successful strategy to persuade the Sports Committee to grant permission for a new [sport] club.