Cambridge University Personal Statement Example (LLM)

Cambridge University Personal Statement Example (LLM)

LLM Cambridge Uni Application

Cambridge/ LL.M

Why this Course?

I have decided to apply for LLM course because I would like to expand my legal knowledge and engage in intellectually stimulating work through the application and manipulation of law to problems at the forefront of the legal industry. Following my academic and practical experience, I have decided to specialise in commercial law because it is central to all businesses and of significance to many business transactions and it helps to shape many commercial decisions. By undertaking an LLM I will be able to select a combination of modules most closely pertaining to my future intentions and career aspirations. With access to leading academics in law and like-minded individuals, I will be able to exchange ideas and engage in intelligent discussions which will broaden my mind and make my experience personally and professionally rewarding. An advanced understanding of the commercial law and the policy decisions underlying it will equip me with a unique analytical toolkit for addressing new problems at the intersection of law and commerce which will enable me to think more laterally and accelerate my career trajectory in professional practice.

Please give an outline of your future career plans and intentions and explain how your proposed studies in Cambridge will help to achieve these aims.

My future career plan is to become a legal practitioner in England and Wales in the field of commercial law. Having worked at a number of law firms, I have developed a burgeoning interest in litigation and arbitration because it is a very dynamic area that presents some of the most complex commercial problems on an international platform. This area is of utmost interest to me because it will expose me to different areas of law and their interaction within individual cases. With an increasing amount of clients from emerging markets choosing to litigate in UK, this will be an invaluable opportunity for me to get involved in most exciting and high-profile cases where I will be constantly gaining new ground and making law in the process. By undertaking an LLM at Cambridge I will further develop my analytical skills and gain a better understanding of law at an advanced level which will help me to address some of the most complex problems facing today’s legal industry. The LLM course will broaden my mindset and teach me how to manipulate law to complex situations, which will ultimately enable me to readily respond to commercial problems confidently and efficiently.