Characteristics of a successful lawyer (with practical examples)

Characteristics of a successful lawyer (with practical examples)

Describe a specification situation in which you have demonstrated excellence in the following skills

Commercial awareness (60 words max)

At [law firm], I drafted an executive summary for a case. I analysed each issue in the context of the client’s business and industry and explained how each issue related to the client’s overall requirements. I demonstrated a good sectoral knowledge by analysing technical issues relating to the client’s business activity.

Client focus (60 words max)

At [law firm], I gave a short presentation during a board of directors EGM in order to explain local nuances affecting the client in [country]. I successfully applied my understanding of the client’s business and the environment in which they operate by explaining the relevance of each issue to the client’s overall objectives.

Communication (60 words max)

At [law firm], I was asked to brief a partner on a case when the supervising partner was away. I provided the partner with an overview of the background to the case and explained the main issues in the case and our progress. This provided the partner with a clear idea of the next steps she needed to take.

Team work (60 words max)

At [law firm], I worked closely with the firm’s London and [city] offices when proofreading and amending witness statements. I played a proactive role by sharing my ideas and perspectives with other team members. I kept a check on time, suggested ways to improve our work and helped others with their workload, which helped us to meet a tight deadline.

Tenacity (60 words max)

When running my business in the events management sector, I came against immense pressure from competitors. As a result, I restructured the business by focussing on budget packages for parties and established a unique business model aimed at helping underperforming businesses to restructure in the business-to-business sector. This gave the business a unique selling point and bolstered its competitiveness.

What has been your most significant non-academic achievement to date (60 words max)

At university, I established an on-campus amateur [sport] club for the first time in fifty years despite strong opposition from the university. I successfully organised a society that helped to attract a lot of interest from students. During a meeting with the Sports Committee, I developed an innovative approach that persuaded the university to grant permission for a [sport] club.

Which fictional character from a book you have read do you identify with most and why? (60 words max)

I identify myself with a black cat named Behemoth from Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov because I find it to be a very comical and ambitious character that strives to be the best at everything and is mischievous at times. I too enjoy constant challenges but do not always take myself too seriously.

Please give details of your current interests and activities including the nature of your involvement (60 words max)

I have a strong passion for [sport] and run regular [sport] classes at my local gym. I like to travel and enjoy camping, jogging, motoring, football, eating out and swimming. I take a keen interest in the current affairs and enjoy reading literature. I also collect military memorabilia.

I am enthusiastic, sociable, motivated and commercially aware and possess good organisational, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and analytical skills which will enable me to operate in diverse teams and solve complex matters.