Clifford Chance Training Contract Application Questions and Answers

Clifford Chance Training Contract Application Questions and Answers

Please list the activities you have been involved in during the last three years, including the dates and your contribution. Please also give details of any positions of responsibility you may have held during this time. (Please limit your answer to no more than 300 words)

Since October [year] I have taken on the role of a third year law representative for the student-staff liaison committee. I am responsible for communicating student concerns about the operation of the [university] Law School to staff in regular meetings. I have been a very zealous member and an executive of the [university] [language] Speaking Society ([SOCIETY INITIALS]) since having joined the [University] in [year]. I am actively involved in organising and managing [SOCIETY INITIALS] socials such as paintball competitions, New Year parties, night events, and traditional celebrations such as the international women’s day and [language] [national celebration]. Since [year] I have been a very zealous member of the ‘[society]’ society as I feel that it is the task of humans to help the environment. In the past I have been in projects aimed to save electricity and helping the local wildlife, such as switching off unused computers in the library during vacation breaks. In January [year], I have successfully started an on-campus [Sport] club which has been unsuccessfully attempted for over fifty years. I am currently the president of the society and have the responsibility of managing ten executives and coordinating the overall strategy and direction of the club in its teething period. Throughout my second and third year at university I have actively represented [bank name] to graduates. I had to communicate to graduates interested in a career in investment banking, give presentations, organise on-campus marketing events, coordinate and manage people involved in marketing campaigns.

Please describe an achievement of importance to you.  (Please limit your answer to no more than 200 words)

This year I have successfully set up a ‘[University] [Sport] Club’. The sports committee opposed the opening of a new [Sport] club for over fifty years because they had concerns about the health and safety issue in the sport. Having [done the sport] for England, and both at national and international level I was aware of the benefits that students could derive from [Sport], such as discipline and motivation. I took a very methodological approach to the process of opening an on-campus [Sport] club because I was aware that applications for an on-campus [Sport] club were refused every single year for the past fifty years: I therefore had to produce a different and innovative plan that would guarantee success. I started off by planning my overall strategy that I then divided into objectives and tasks. Before embarking on any of those tasks I coordinated human and capital resources. I approached the [university] Sports Committee with a ‘voice’, a diverse range of students that were very willing to practise the sport to improve their fitness levels and discipline.

Please provide an example of a successful team in which you have been involved. Please give details of your contribution. (Please limit your answer to no more than 200 words)

Last year I had undertaken a ‘[legal practice area]’ module where I worked on a mock breach-of-contract case in a simulated solicitor’s environment with two other students. As a team, we were responsible for collectively overseeing the case from the beginning to end. This meant that we each had to assign ourselves tasks such as interviewing the client, writing correspondence letters, preparing the cross-examination just to name a few processes. However, even though we had assigned ourselves tasks, theoretically I found that in practice we helped each other enormously by contributing ideas and information to ensure integrity and the overall success of the case. I contributed to the team by going outside my prescribed tasks and undertaking additional responsibilities. I found that this has not only helped the overall success of the case but also proved to be instrumental in generating a range of ideas.

Please explain why you have decided to pursue a career as a lawyer at Clifford Chance.

(Please limit your answer to no more than 200 words)

As a City lawyer I will have an active involvement in project management, making sure deadlines are met, colleagues are kept up to date and information is communicated to the client. Given that commercial law is both transactional and ongoing suggests that I will have to build a rapport with the client and apply strong communication skills coupled with high technical ability when forming a clear picture of the client’s needs and objectives and then explaining what may well be a complex area of law when advising on the best solution. This may require me to liaise with a number of legal departments thus making each day unique, enjoyable and fulfilling work experience. I am particularly attracted to Clifford Chance because it offers an environment and fosters a culture that would support me in meeting challenges of my work and would enable me to develop myself to my full potential. Being fluent in [language] and [language] I would particularly relish an opportunity to work in major financial centres across the world. This would allow me to switch between languages and thus offer clients a tailored service that would help Clifford Chance to meet their needs more efficiently and effectively.