Clyde & Co Vacation Scheme and Training Contract Application Question Answers

Clyde & Co Vacation Scheme and Training Contract Application Question Answers

Clyde & Co Vacation Scheme and Training Contract Application Question Answers

Why do you want to pursue a career as a solicitor at Clyde & Co and what will be the main challenges? (400 words max)*

I am looking to become a solicitor at Clyde & Co because I am attracted by the prospect of managing my own workload and assuming high levels of responsibility because this will guarantee me with a great scope of involvement in quality legal work. 

Whilst at Sergejs Grinfelds LLP, I enjoyed working on a high-value litigation case in small teams as I found the experience very empowering and a good learning platform. I want to build on this experience and pursue a career as a solicitor at Clyde & Co where I will be exposed to a combination of high-quality work and relatively small teams. The comparatively small size of the firm appeals to me as it will present me with a good level of involvement where I will be able to put forward my innovative ideas, add value to every case I work on and see how my work fits into the bigger picture. 

During my time at the American Army, I operated in different countries including Kenya, Falkland Islands and Iraq. This has given me a good insight into different cultures and local conditions. I feel that this knowledge and experience will allow me to work with lawyers and clients from different jurisdictions, which will in turn expose me to new ideas and allow me to add value to all the cases that I work on. 

Having worked on multinational platforms in the military, and dealing with companies such as Starbucks in my current role, has given me the will to combine these with my legal career. My focus is to work within emerging markets as I believe it will be both challenging and rewarding and Clyde & Co would offer a fantastic opportunity to achieve my aims. To be successful in this, I will need to adapt quickly to understand new specialist areas or practise in which I will operate in order to satisfy the needs of the clients. This will involve staying up to date on pertinent topics and fluctuating markets. As well as this, I will need to work hard to build my reputation both within the firm and amongst clients. These were challenges I faced when first embarking upon commercial dealings when leaving the army. Thankfully, having built great interpersonal and communicative skills through my time as an instructor I was able to meet these challenges and satisfy the needs of several highly demanding clients.

Write about a story in the business press that has interested you and how it is relevant to the Firm. (250 words max)*

Recent cyber-attacks by Wannacry and Peytra systems highlight that the increasing sophistication and number of cyber threats present a formidable challenge. In the UK alone the annual cost of cybercrime is £27 billion and 36% of London based forms were subject to a cyber-attack of some kind.  Clyde & Co must be able to react quickly and effectively when they, or their clients are compromised. 

Cisco Systems 2015 Annual Security Report shows the legal industry is the seventh most vulnerable industry to malware attacks. Law firms represent high-value targets, given the breadth and sensitivity of the information they possess illustrated by the infamous Panama Papers obtained from law firm Mossack Fonseca. 

Being prepared for threats prevents incidents and enables the firm to react quickly enough to reduce their impact. In today’s global digital world data rules safeguarding intellectual property, financial information, and reputation is crucial. DLA Piper, who touted its expertise on cybersecurity, was recently attacked. It is too early to understand just what effect this will have on the firm, it is clear client confidence is likely to drop. Clyde & Co must prepare themselves for costs that follow cyber-attacks such as reputational damage, litigation and loss of competitive edge.

Clients who come under attack may inadvertently breach the EU General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force next year. Clyde & Co must be prepared to handle crisis management issues around the theft and loss of data to support its client’s needs.

 What is your greatest accomplishment and why? (250 words max)*

My first Promotion within the Army is something I remain proud of. The process included an arduous five-week course which followed immediately after a six-month tour of duty in Iraq. 

I was required to stand in for my superior during the tour, my success bringing a commendation and being given the opportunity to compete for a promotion cadre place on pre-selection. I was successful despite being the most inexperienced candidate.  Flying from theatre , I had less time to prepare than other candidates and missed the opportunity to visit home. 

My commendation during the tour meant it would not be necessary for me to attend the course as I would gain promotion regardless. Undeterred by this and being the most junior individual on the course, I was determined to attend as promotion via cadre would be invaluable both in experience and the respect of my peers. 

The course was the toughest five weeks of my life. Obtaining an injury during the course, I could have dropped out at various points knowing I would not have drawn any criticism and still received promotion. Still I persevered. Eventually not only was I promoted, but I was presented with the promotion ‘on the square’: a big honour within the military. However, it was not receiving this honour that is the reason I chose this event . As my assessing officer wrote within my report, it was my sheer effort and determination throughout the course that shone through above all else and this is why I remain proud.

Please provide any further information about yourself that is relevant to your application (150 words max)*

I have managed to combine excellent academic results whilst continuing in my role as an operations manager. Dealing with its  prestigious clients, I have established a strong commercial acumen. During the summers of my degree, I have took up work with a high-street law firm specialising in liability loss adjustments with an in-house legal team at RPMI. This has allowed me to gain an insight into the insurance industry. My time as a Royal Engineer required a practical approach to problem-solving, which I believe will be invaluable to my career. In my spare time, I enjoy sports and run a supporters club where I organise tickets, travel and fundraising events. I also organise and participate in a 9-a-side Pan-European football league.