Denton Wilde Sapte Training Contract Application Model Answers

Denton Wilde Sapte Training Contract Application Model Answers

Since [year] I have been a very zealous member of the ‘[society]’ society. In [year], I have successfully started an on-campus [Sport] club. I am currently the president of the society and have the responsibility of managing ten executives. I have actively represented Bank of America to graduates. I am a very active executive of the [language] Speaking Society. I am the Student-Staff Liaison Committee member for the third year law students and actively exercise my commitment to the legal profession by maintain a social dialogue between the students and staff of the law school. On a sportier note, I have won a gold medal for England in the Four Nations amateur [Sport] tournament. I am also a member of the [university] [sport] club and have been selected to play in the [sport] National Championships last summer. I am also a member of the [university] Rifle Club.

Limit your total response to both questions to 200 words.*

a) Why do you want to be a commercial solicitor?

b) Why are you particularly interested in applying to Denton Wilde Sapte and why at this location?

I want to be a commercial solicitor because I enjoy constant challenges. As commercial matters span many areas of law, industries and borders, they demand the application of lateral thinking and extensive problem-solving. In turn, this would see me work in teams with a commercial focus on the problem in a quick-paced environment with approaching deadlines.

Following the merger between UK-based Denton Wilde Sapte LLP and US-based Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP, SNR Denton has experienced dramatic increase in its business momentum and growth. As a combined firm, SNR Denton will not only have leading capabilities in prominent business centres, such as New York and London, but will also offer clients the same capability in the world’s most dynamic emerging economies. These combined synergies would provide me with a truly international perspective, more interesting work, greater variety and a wider group of experts to learn from.

I am very attracted by the unique opportunity of a secondment to a client or an overseas office. This would allow me to view the legal services industry from a client’s perspective and gain a more international perspective on complex cross-border matters. This would be an invaluable insight going forward in my legal career.

Tell me about a time you experienced a steep learning curve. (limit your total response to both questions to 250 words)

Describe a time when you have shown initiative in solving a difficult problem

At [Law Firm Name] ([LAW FIRM INITIALS]), I assisted the senior partner on a cross-border case comprising of a shareholder dispute in a joint venture vehicle. As the client could only speak [language], I was the first point of contact. During the trial in Amsterdam, the judge constantly required further factual clarification from the client (4 minority shareholders). The partner called me and asked me to get in touch with the client and get an immediate answer. This required me to think on my feet and see from a business perspective and align myself with client’s commercial objectives. I had to refer to documents in the bundle to refresh client’s memory and ensure that the client answered the question. I then instantly reported back to the partner and had to use my good judgment in deciding what constituted relevant and sufficient information for the purpose. I maintained a thick skin and resourcefully tailored my communication for diverse audiences. I applied a sharp analytical mind to explain complex issues in a simple language and made sense of a complicated situation. I maintained a very commercial focus and demonstrated physical and mental stamina coupled with unabating enthusiasm.

Describe a time when you worked effectively as a team member to accomplish an important goal (limit to 250 words)

a) What was the goal or objective?

b) To what extent did you interact with others on this project?

I assisted [law firm]’s London team on [high-net-worth individual]’s defense to [high-net-worth individual]’s claim estimated at £[value] in a dispute arising from sale of the claimant’s shares in [natural resources company], one of Russia’s largest oil companies. I worked closely with [law firm]’s associates from [city] and London offices in conducting disclosure. The objective was to gather all relevant documents directly pertaining to the court’s order for disclosure by a given date.

Initially, I was responsible for conducting review of documents for relevance using data management software. I demonstrated fortitude and an ability to concentrate for a long time when I was required to study complex documents and decide whether they were relevant. This required me to work individually to meet tight deadlines in a quick-paced environment. Having completed my piece of a project, I then collaborated with the wider team to bring the individual elements together and reach a successful conclusion. I applied a sharp analytical mind and irrepressible optimism when explaining to associates from [law firm]’s London and [city] offices why I though certain documents were relevant and how they matched the disclosure request pursuant to the court’s order. Having come to a mutual agreement on the relevancy of documents, I engaged in discussions with a team of lawyers in deciding what documents should form an exhibit in the proceedings.