Describe an event which has recently been in the news and explain why this has been of interest to y

Describe an event which has recently been in the news and explain why this has been of interest to you

A. Why are you interested in, and suited to, a career in law, in particular with SJ Berwin? (200 words)*

I am interested in a career in law because every day is varied, challenging and engaging. As commercial matters span many areas of law, industries and borders, they demand the application of lateral thinking and extensive problem-solving. In turn, this would see me work in integrated teams with a commercial focus on the problem in a quick-paced environment with approaching deadlines. At [LAW FIRM INITIALS], I especially enjoyed liaising with Dutch, English and [language] solicitors on a shareholder dispute within a joint venture. This produced more interesting work, greater variety and a wider group of experts to learn from which made my work environment stimulating and rewarding.

I would especially like to work for SJ Berwin because it is a reasonably young firm with a robust and entrepreneurial style. This would allow me to flourish intellectually and make direct contributions to the client service.

I am very attracted by the unique opportunity of a secondment to a client or an overseas office. This would allow me to view the legal services industry from a client’s perspective and gain a more international perspective on complex cross-border matters. This would be an invaluable insight going forward in my legal career.

B. Outside of your studies and work experience, what is your most important achievement to date and why? (200 words)*

Last Year, for the first time in fifty years, I have successfully pioneered an amateur [Sport] club at the [University]. In the past, applications for an amateur [Sport] club were routinely turned down for health and safety reasons. I remained persistent, resourceful and wore a thick skin to overcome strict rules and regulations. I was constantly engaged in negotiations with at all levels where I have manifested irrepressible optimism, stoicism and fresh thinking. I worked under pressure to meet tight deadlines and formed rapport with societies and committees supporting my cause. It was both personally and professionally rewarding to share my enthusiasm and experience in amateur [Sport] to help other members to realise their talents and go on to win gold medals at university championships this year.

C. Describe an event which has recently been in the news and explain why this has been of interest to you. (200 words)*

I found the $10 billion groundbreaking strategic global alliance between [company] and BP to be of utmost interest. [company] and BP have agreed to explore and develop three license blocks on the [language] Arctic continental shelf. This historic agreement is of interest to me because it creates the first major equity-linked partnership between a national and international oil company. Following completion of this agreement, [company] will hold 5 per cent of BP’s ordinary voting shares in exchange for approximately 9.5 per cent of [company]’s shares. The share swap component of the alliance creates strategic alignment to pursue joint projects and demonstrates mutual confidence in the growth potential of both companies. Underpinning this alliance is a new type of relationship based on a significant cross-shareholding, and bringing together technology, exploration and safe and responsible field development skills. This landmark deal creates a deep partnership which represents a new stage in these relationships. The world’s need for energy continues to increase. BP is working with national oil companies using its leading exploration skills and expertise to meet this demand. This is a trend which will increase as access to resource becomes scarcer.