Gide Loyrette Nouel Training Contract Application Model Answers

Gide Loyrette Nouel Training Contract Application Model Answers

Please explain why you want to train with Gide and why we should invest in you.

I am attracted by the relatively small number of trainee intake which I feel will offer me bespoke training that is individually tailored to my interests, experience and aptitude. More importantly, I will receive the excitement and challenge of working on high value, complex transactions and disputes, in the size of office where everyone knows who you are. For me this will mean getting involved in real work from the start whereby I will be able to add something to the cases I work on. This environment will unquestionably foster my professional and personal growth in my capacity as a lawyer.

Having worked for a number of private clients at leading legal firms, [law firm] and [law firm], I can attest to the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships. I have also proved to be an excellent team player with an entrepreneurial perspective when working on complex legal matters. This was successfully demonstrated in me opening an on-campus [Sport] club which has not been done for over sixty years. I have been doing amateur [Sport] for over a decade now and have won over sixty trophies and a gold medal for England whilst at the same time managed to achieve highest grades at GCSE and A-Level at my local institutions of study. My ambition and perseverance to achieve excellence and precision in all tasks I undertake coupled with my fluency in [language], English and [language] would make me a valuable asset when working on national and cross-border transactions.

Which areas of law interest you in particular and why?

I am very interested in Corporate law because it will allow me to assume the role of a project manager and will vest me with early responsibility. Given that corporate law is both transactional and ongoing suggests that I will have to build a rapport with the client and apply strong communication skills coupled with high technical ability when forming a clear picture of the client’s needs and objectives and then explaining what may well be a complex area of law when advising on the best solution. This may require me to liaise with a number of legal departments thus making each day unique, enjoyable and fulfilling work experience. More importantly, as a corporate city lawyer I will gain experience in dealing with a diverse range of clients which will improve my commercial background and resultantly my ability to deliver effective and timely solutions to individual client needs.

What would you regard as one of the greatest challenges or opportunities facing a law firm such as Gide London today?

There is an opportunity for law firms such as Gide to become a part of multinational companies as a result of the Legal Services Act [year]. The Legal Services Act enables law firms to merge with other companies, such as banks and supermarkets, if they so wish. It also gives non-lawyers the chance to be partners in law firms, and also for external investment to be pumped into firms by non-lawyers if required. This multi-disciplinary partnership form is aimed to produce more consumer focused legal firms. Given Gide’s unparalleled strength in international finance, this could mean a potential merger with a bank or another financial corporation which could in turn strengthen Gide’s market position even further. A merger could produce larger economies of scale and a more integrated and seamless service. Moreover, a potential merger would be beneficial in terms of human capital since professionals from financial services and banking sector could join Gide and add greater levels of experience and expertise which would in turn provide Gide with a competitive advantage. This is especially important in today’s climate to compete against larger firms that have a larger pool of resources.

Please tell us about any other experience(s) that have provided you with skills which will help you to become an excellent lawyer in the future.

A lawyer must be entrepreneurial and confident to take responsibility to ensure that they deliver an effective solution to a client in challenging circumstances. I am an entrepreneurial individual as I am the founding member and president of ‘[University] [Sport] Society’ (which has finally opened after being refused by University for the past sixty years) and am currently managing seven executive members and overseeing the overall operation of the society. These skills would not only translate into my ability to effectively manage my caseload but also my ability to present innovative and effective solutions to clients. As follows, a lawyer must have excellent communication skills to ensure that they fully understand their client’s needs and are able to communicate to the rest of team. In my capacity as a student-staff liaison committee member I have developed my communication skills at both a student and a more senior level. This skill would allow me to successfully communicate with clients and solicitors on two different but nonetheless professional levels. A lawyer must be an excellent team player to ensure that they contribute ideas to cases where it is necessary to liaise with other practice areas, clients, and other bodies. My ability to switch between [language], [language] and English languages highlights my flexibility which could prove to be invaluable when dealing with a diverse range of both national and international calibre clients as well as being an excellent team player within the firm.