Hogan Lovells Training Contract Interview Questions and Answers

Hogan Lovells Training Contract Interview Questions and Answers

Give details of how you spend your extra curricular time, including your contribution to any clubs/societies. For at least one of these explain the benefits you derive from this activity.

Since [year], I have been a very zealous member of the ‘[society]’ society. In the past, I have been involved in projects aimed to reduce carbon emissions and promote ‘greener’ living. During my third year at university, I was elected onto the Student-Staff Liaison Committee in my capacity as a third year law students’ representative. I actively maintained a constructive dialogue between the third year law students and the law faculty by attending regular meetings. I was an executive of the [language] Speaking Society and helped to organise a number of cultural events and outings.

I greatly enjoy amateur [Sport] and train very regularly. I have had over [sport performances] and won a gold medal for England. I share my skills and passion for the sport by providing lessons to friends and people who have an interest in [Sport]. Last year, I trained several students at the [University], who went on to do very well in the ‘varsity’ championships. Having been involved in [Sport] for over a decade, I was regularly required to travel to new places to compete. This has developed my interest in travelling and exploring. Last year, I travelled to Mallorca, Marbella and Ibiza where I was caught up in the heat of the world cup final between Germany and Spain. Several years ago, I travelled to Marmaris and Antalya in Turkey and especially enjoyed the country’s rich and exotic history. I also enjoy travelling nationally and was overwhelmed by the gothic settings of Cornwall, home to several of my favourite gothic books and the historic splendour and idyllic gardens of the Leeds Castle in Kent. I find that travelling helps to broaden my perspective, meet new people and provides me with a very refreshing break. My other interests include [sport], football, photography, reading, fitness and networking.

Describe a position of responsibility you have held. What did you learn about yourself and your impact on others?

At university, I was a member of the student-staff liaison committee. I was responsible for attending regular meetings to raise the concerns of law students regarding the operation of the law school. I learnt that I was a careful listener and had an ability to formulate and convey convincing arguments to the staff. I also learnt that I had an ability to justify and explain my ideas to the wider audience. I feel that I managed to draw everyone into the discussions by generating interesting ideas and managed to attract much support for my ideas.

By reference to other careers, explain why law would be your chosen career.

Initially, I have considered a career as an entrepreneur because I have good leadership skills, creativity and ambition to succeed. I also enjoy large levels of responsibility that would come from working as an entrepreneur. Following my work experience at a number of leading US and city law firms, I decided that I wanted to become a solicitor because I came across many different industries and legal systems which provided me with variety and made my every day unique and exciting. Almost all cases I worked on had a cross-border element. This required me to constantly liaise with a number of different entities ranging from clients to overseas solicitors. At [Law Firm Name], I especially enjoyed liaising with Dutch, English and [language] solicitors on a shareholder dispute within a joint venture. This produced more interesting work, greater variety and a wider group of experts to learn from which made my work environment stimulating and rewarding. By operating in multiple jurisdictions and dealing with complex cases that do not always have clearly defined solutions will produce an atmosphere of spirit and adventure where I will have to be responsive and apply fresh thinking to complex commercial problems.

What aspects of your character and/or experiences do you think make you particularly suited for a legal career with a firm like Hogan Lovells?

I am a very resourceful, commercially minded and possess strong analytical skills. Whilst at [Law Firm Name], I attended a Board of Directors EGM in a natural resources joint venture in Amsterdam in my capacity as an interpreter between [language] clients and Dutch solicitors. At the EGM, I maintained a thick skin and resourcefully tailored my communication for diverse audiences. I had to think clearly, identify the key aspects of a problem and apply sound commercial judgment and lateral thought. I was required to explain complex concepts in understandable language, analyse the position, anticipate risk, interpret the reaction of the parties in complicated situations and offer commercial solutions. Throughout the EGM, I maintained a very commercial focus and demonstrated physical and mental stamina coupled with unabating enthusiasm.

I am an outstanding team player and possess excellent communication and problem solving skills. At present, I am working closely with [law firm] Arp’s associates from [city] and London offices in conducting document review for the purposes of disclosure request and assisting with the preparation of witness statements. I was required to present, interpret and explain complex ideas very clearly and precisely with irrepressible optimism. At the same time, I negotiated with others very successfully and collaborated with the wider team to bring individual elements together and reach a successful conclusion.

Another reason why I am suited to a career with Hogan Lovells is because I am very persistent, enthusiastic and ambitious individual. For a decade, on top of my studies, I have managed to attain excellence in amateur [Sport] by competing in amateur [Sport] bouts at least several times a month. I have demonstrated fortitude and resilience by training four times a week and performing in [Sport] contests in large venues. I had to think on my feet and respond to dynamic situations with confidence and agility. I applied initiative and commitment to the sport I felt passionately about by establishing an amateur [Sport] club at [university] University. This required me to overcome many obstacles and negotiate at all levels.