K&L Gates Training Contract Application Model Answers

K&L Gates Training Contract Application Model Answers

What personal or career goals do you have for yourself at present? (200 words)*

Currently I am working towards the completion of my undergraduate degree to the highest standard possible. I aspire to become a successful international lawyer specialising in commercial law. I particularly enjoyed studying commercial and consumer contracting where I had to interpret and formulate contracts using established case law, statutory and other instruments. Having lived in [country], United States and [country] I specifically enjoyed learning new cultures and whilst undertaking advanced competition law module I developed a passion and strength for comparing and contrasting multiple jurisdictions. I notably enjoyed the famous Microsoft case and the split it produced over the aims of EC and US jurisdictions. I have chosen to develop my interest in international law by selecting to undertake LLM in International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation so as to expand my current knowledge of international law. Upon completion of my LLM degree I intend to undertake LPC and then hopefully train at a successful international firm, preferably K&L Gates.

Why have you decided to pursue a career as a solicitor? What other options did you consider seriously and why did you choose not to pursue them? (200 words)*

I am interested in becoming a solicitor at an international law firm because it will allow me to assume the role of a project manager and will vest me with early responsibility. Previously I thought of becoming an academic because I enjoy vigorous academic debates on legal discourse. However, having worked for [law firm], I found my interest in corporate and commercial law and realised that a career as an academic would be too solitary for my energetic and convivial personality. Given that commercial law is both transactional and ongoing suggests that I will have to build a rapport with the client and apply strong communication skills coupled with high technical ability when forming a clear picture of the client’s needs and objectives and then explaining what may well be a complex area of law when advising on the best solution. This may require me to liaise with a number of legal departments thus making each day unique, enjoyable and fulfilling work experience.

Why do you feel you are suited to K&L Gates LLP? (200 words)*

I am a very entrepreneurial individual with excellent leadership skills. I am the founding member and president of ‘[University] [Sport] Society’ (which had not been done for over fifty years) and am currently managing seven executive members and overseeing the overall operation of the society. These skills would not only translate into my ability to effectively manage my caseload but also my ability to present innovative and effective solutions to clients.

My ability to switch between [language], [language] and English languages highlights my flexibility which could prove to be invaluable when dealing with a diverse range of both national and international calibre clients as well as being an excellent team player within the firm. Last summer, I worked for [law firm] where I had to deal with predominantly international clients, namely [language] speakers. I was therefore required to tailor my research to a [language] context and present possible solutions to the client in [language]. This meant that whilst doing research on the common law jurisdiction in English I managed to switch into [language] when presenting solutions to the client, which illustrates my capability to deal with international clients successfully.

Which of your achievements are you most proud of? What made this achievement stand out from the rest? (200 words)*

This year I have successfully set up a ‘[University] [Sport] Club’, which was unsuccessfully attempted for over fifty years. The main reason for there not being a [Sport] club at the university is because the sports committee had health and safety concerns regarding the nature of the sport. However, having [done the sport] at both national and international level, my experience teaches me otherwise. After much consideration the sports committee allowed [university] University to form an affiliation with the ‘[university name] [Sport] Club’. The ‘[University] [Sport] Club’ was not officially recognised. Lack of recognition prevented us from receiving sponsorship. I established a ‘[Sport] Appreciation Society’ to promote [Sport] at [university] University and act as a proxy for the affiliate club. This official society gained the ‘[University] [Sport] Club’ recognition which means that we can start marketing the club and receiving support from various organisations. This is my biggest achievement so far because it required me to undergo many hurdles and undermine a set of established principles and values of the Sports Union through my persuasion tactics and entrepreneurial spirit to get the [Sport] club off the ground.

Describe a time you were faced with a particularly difficult situation or problem. What did you do? Were other people involved? What did you learn about yourself? (200 words)*

Whilst working for [retail store] the manager failed to turn up during a very busy period. I was thus given the task of supervising a group of employees to ensure all processes were run smoothly. I found this position of responsibility very challenging as it forced me out from my comfort zone and required me to think on my feet and make immediate decisions. I began to deal with the situation by enforcing usual store standards that I have learnt and developed coupled with a margin of appreciation for unforeseen eventualities. I made an effort to consult the employees to ask them for their opinion on what must be the best course of action in that particular situation. Feeding upon the advice given I took all recommendations into account when proceeding with my instructions to employees.