Kennedys Training Contract Application Questions and Answers

Kennedys Training Contract Application Questions and Answers

What are the main factors that will affect an insurance law firm over the next 24 months? Please limit your answer to 250 words.*

The main factors that will affect an insurance law firm over the next 24 months are Alternative Business Structures stemming from the Legal Services Act [year], the global recession, environmental and geopolitical factors. The Alternative Business Structures will allow an insurance law firm to merge with companies in the insurance sector which will enable firms to realise synergies by sharing expertise and resources. At the same time, an insurance law firm could be subjected to more competition as companies in the insurance sector can decide to diversify and provide legal services. If the global recession continues to falter, then many companies will bring various types of insurance claims against other businesses for economic loss, loss of opportunity and so forth. This is likely to result in more work for an insurance law firm and potentially greater revenues. However, an insurance law firm will have to remain especially vigilant about increased risk of fraud. Environmental and geopolitical factors are currently very high on the agenda as many countries are undergoing revolutions and environmental catastrophes are dominating the global scene. This will result in the disruption in global trade and a higher number of claims by businesses for all types of losses. For an insurance law firm, this can result in more clients and higher revenues. However, these events can also present more competition as other law firms look to tap into lucrative areas during the economic downturn in order to bolster their performance.

Please give an example of a situation where you were required to work in a team to accomplish an important objective and describe your role in achieving this objective. Please limit your answer to 250 words.*

At [Law Firm Name], I worked in a team to proofread and amend an Initial Public Offering Memorandum in real-time whilst the negotiations between the parties were taking place at the printers. Our objective was to ensure that all commentary by the parties was incorporated into the final version of the Memorandum. As we were required to work in a quick-paced environment to meet a tight deadline, we allocated each other a specific task. I was responsible for logging all received sections of the Memorandum from the parties and all sections outgoing for processing. My colleague was responsible for proofreading the commentary and ensuring that it satisfied all our agreed formatting and grammatical standards. By keeping a log of all received and processed pages in real-time, it was easy for us to see all outstanding work and helped to ensure that all changes were incorporated. I noticed that I managed to save the team a lot of time because the log enabled us to gauge our progress at a glance and to meet a very tight deadline. During this project, I motivated my colleague by giving them my perspectives on commentaries that they were unsure about. Ultimately, we completed the task on time and to a very high standard.

Please explain why you want to pursue a career in law? Please limit your answer to 200 words

At university, I enjoyed applying and manipulating black-letter law to hypothetical scenarios during my modules and mooting competitions because it stimulated my intellectual curiosity since every situation was never the same and required a different approach. I have decided to become a solicitor whilst working at several law firms. I have especially enjoyed working in teams on an international platform because it enabled me to actively participate in complex and interesting cases. I was very fascinated by exposure not only to law but also different business structures that required different solutions. This meant that I was required to apply a different approach to different cases in order to reach the best solution. At [Law Firm Name], I realised that I wanted to become a solicitor after attending a board of directors EGM in Amsterdam. I enjoyed thinking on my feet and applying commercial acumen to respond to imminent problems as this made my work environment challenging and stimulating. At [Law Firm Name], I collaborated with lawyers from across the London and [city] offices. I was very fascinated by the multi-jurisdictional elements of the case as it allowed me to take multiple angles to the problem and form my own view.

Please explain why you are interested in becoming a Solicitor with Kennedys? Please limit your answer to 200 words

I am interested in becoming a solicitor with Kennedys because I have developed an interest in litigation and dispute resolution during my work experience. I found these practice areas to be very dynamic and challenging which will suit my personality very well. At Kennedys, I will receive very broad exposure to different insurance industries and learn how to provide straightforward advice which is essential when operating in such a complex practice area.

I am attracted by the relatively small size of the firm because this will present me with a good balance between responsibility and receiving exposure to different laws, which will help me to develop into a well-rounded solicitor.

I find Kennedys global reach to be very appealing because this will give me exposure to cross-jurisdictional work which will enable me to operate in diverse teams to solve complex problems and set new standards. I will also come into contact with different views and approaches of other solicitors, which will improve my ability to solve complex problems and make my learning environment stimulating and rewarding.

Please tell us why you would like to train in the office you have applied to. Please limit your answer to 200 words

I would like to train in Birmingham because it has a unique character combining the best of city living with a quality of life that is hard to beat. A cosmopolitan, multi-cultural city, Birmingham is home to a diverse population and is renowned for its vibrant cultural and entertainment scenes. Birmingham has a £94 billion regional economy making the city a major engine of UK growth outside of London. This will allow me to be at the centre of growth and present me with challenging work and new opportunities. I would also like to experience a new work setting other than London in order to receive exposure to new cultures and markets.