Law Training Contract Application Example for CMS

Law Training Contract Application Example for CMS

Willing to take control of events and see activities through by overcoming obstacles and setbacks. Is forthcoming with ideas and suggestions, spots opportunities and finds ways to improve or enhance ways of working.

A. Describe an occasion when you spotted an opportunity to make an improvement and took action without being asked to do so? What steps did you take? What was the outcome? (200 words)*

Whilst working for [company name] I was given the responsibility of preparing a property in an affluent area to go on sale. I began from managing a group of ten workers who were responsible for clearing the flat and then doing whatever work the property required. I was commercially aware that potential decorations to the property could add value. I contacted my colleagues who were familiar with the antique trade and carried out research to ensure that the benefit of the decorations was not a marginal one. I then liaised with my manager in deciding the interior style. Having finished the works on the property, my manager was truly overwhelmed by the overall result and the cost-efficiency. Little things such as an appropriate colour scheme and a good range of antique decorations had the effect of giving the property a more sumptuous and welcoming feel. The benefit derived from such work was more proportionate to the expenditure and was therefore financially justified.

Shows a commitment to high standards for both own and others work no matter how small the task. Demonstrates drive, stamina and the capacity to work hard. Makes the extra effort although it may not always be in own self interest.

B. Describe an occasion when you have demonstrated commitment to a task or project that resulted in you exceeding expectations either for yourself or others. What steps did you take? What was the outcome? (200 words)

Whilst working for [law firm] last summer, I had to prepare a handout on tax information exchange agreements (TIEA’s) for a [language] client. Besides collecting all information, I actually placed more emphasis on information that was applicable to the client. I did further research into the client’s business and place of operation, which allowed me to make my research more expansive and relevant to the client’s needs. I also did a translation of the handout into [language] and used client’s industry-specific examples regarding the operation of some agreements and applicable taxes. By exceeding my expectations I was aiming to ensure that my work was of the highest quality and helped the client to feel more comfortable when reading legal material. I did this in the hope of increasing client retention rate and establishing an amiable and professional relationship between the client and the firm. The senior solicitor was very impressed and eventually provided me with more demanding tasks entailing a greater degree of responsibility.

Awareness of own impact on commercial success of the firm. Understands the context in which the firm operates. Provides a quality client service that balances the needs of the client and the firm.

In recent years the UK has been affected by a severe economic downturn. Using your own experience of a workplace illustrate how the firm you worked for continued to maintain its competitive advantage within the marketplace. (200 words)

Last summer I worked for [law firm], a medium-sized London law firm. I worked alongside several senior solicitors on an employment case. I noticed that the solicitors continually communicated with clients by updating them on the progress of the case and carried out a vast amount of research into the client’s business and place of operation. The legal and commercial research was carried out in a client-specific context. I came to learn that understanding the client’s needs was crucial in delivering an effective and timely solution. The rapport between the client and the solicitors helped to make the entire process very transparent and helped to foster a very amicable and professional relationship. This, coupled with successful results, helped to maintain a loyal client base. Clients were inclined to return to [law firm] not only for their success in the legal and commercial industry but also their ability to tailor to client’s specific needs and to maintain professional relationships.

Why are you interested in working for an international city law firm and becoming a commercial solicitor with CMS Cameron McKenna?

I am interested in working in a commercial City practice because it will put me in contact with a range of diverse and international clients. As a commercial lawyer I will assume the role of a project manager and will be given early responsibility. I am especially interested in CMS Cameron McKenna because alongside its traditional practice group structure, it has sector groups that enable CMS Cameron McKenna to build teams taking an industry, rather than a purely legal, perspective. I feel that this focus will develop my legal and commercial knowledge that will allow me to offer more proactive and tailored advice to the client. Fluency in [language], English and [language] languages will allow me to contribute to specific industry sectors either through a secondment or by a seat in the [language] office. Having worked for a number of private clients at leading legal and commercial firms, [law firm] and [company name], I can attest to the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships.

Please list extra-curricular interests, activities and responsibilities. (200 words)

I am a third year law representative for the student-staff liaison committee where I am responsible for communicating student concerns about the operation of the [university] Law School to staff in regular meetings. I am a very pro-active member of the [university] [language] Speaking Society ([SOCIETY INITIALS]) whereby I am actively involved in organising and managing [SOCIETY INITIALS] socials. I am a very zealous member of the ‘[society]’ society. In the past I have been in projects aimed to save electricity and helping the local wildlife, such as switching off unused computers in the library during vacation breaks. I am regularly involved in mooting competitions. On a sportier note, I greatly enjoy amateur [Sport]. With over fifty amateur bouts I have [done the sport] at national level and represented England in the Four Nations Tournament. Currently, I am responsible for running a [Sport] club on campus.