M-R Solicitors Training Contract Application

M-R Solicitors Training Contract Application

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have completed a qualifying law degree (with honours) at the [University] with a [grade] class grade in [year]. I am applying for a training contract with M-R Solicitors LLP.

I am applying to M-R Solicitors LLP because it specialises in a wide spectrum of legal services in the private client and business client sectors. This will present me with exposure to diverse clients and to unique problems which will help me to follow my interests and allow me to develop into a wellrounded lawyer. I am especially attracted by the firm’s focus on corporate law and civil litigation practice areas because of my extensive involvement in these areas as a paralegal. I would like to undertake my training at M-R Solicitors LLP because it has a relatively small team which will present me with a hands-on experience and enable me to operate in diverse and closely-knit teams which will make me a privy to different perspectives and ideas but more importantly will allow me to make a meaningful contribution to the files I work on. Likewise, the relatively small size of the firm will bestow me with an opportunity to work across different practice areas and run several files concurrently which will effectively allow me to appreciate how different practice areas interact and consolidate my knowledge of the legal sector. Ultimately, at the end of the training contract, I will be in a position to make an informed decision into which practice area I would like to qualify. I find the vision and strategy of the M-R Solicitors LLP very appealing because it promulgates an inclusive, friendly and open culture which will enable me to form strong relationships at work and make my environment personally and professionally rewarding.

I have decided to become a solicitor whilst working as a paralegal at several law firms. I enjoyed the process of working in diverse teams to refine and solve complex problems. This teamwork presented me with multiple angles to the problem and allowed me to develop my own perspective. This effectively allowed me to use my initiative to progress the case and enabled me to understand how my actions contributed to the case. I enjoyed the process of dissecting and analysing the intricate details of the clients’ documents to identify the problem areas and then applying and manipulating law creatively to meet the commercial requirements of the clients. At [Law Firm Name], I realised that I wanted to become a solicitor after attending a board of directors EGM in Amsterdam. I enjoyed thinking on my feet and applying commercial acumen to respond to imminent problems as this made my work environment challenging and stimulating.

Having worked for a number of leading legal firms, I can attest to the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships. This, coupled with my fluency in languages would make me a valuable asset when working on cross-border transactions or with international clients.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to attend an interview for which I am available at your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,