Mayer Brown Training Contract Cover Letter Example

Mayer Brown Training Contract Cover Letter Example

[address line 1]
Tel: [telephone number]


[recruiter’s name]
Graduate Recruitment Manager
Mayer Brown International LLP
201 Bishopsgate
London EC2M 3AF

Dear [recruiter’s name],

I am a final year student at the [University] expected to graduate in June, [year]. I am expected to achieve a 1st class grade in my third year. I am applying for a training contract to commence in [year] advertised on

I am interested in corporate and commercial law because it will allow me to assume the role of a project manager and will vest me with early responsibility. Given that commercial law is both transactional and ongoing suggests that I will have to build a rapport with the client and apply strong communication skills coupled with high technical ability when forming a clear picture of the client’s needs and objectives and then explaining what may well be a complex area of law when advising on the best solution. This may require me to liaise with a number of legal departments thus making each day unique, enjoyable and fulfilling work experience.

I am especially interested in Mayer Brown because it takes a cross-practice, cross-border approach to solving the needs of its clients through the seamless integration of its lawyers across the globe. Recently, I have completed an advanced competition law module where I found the Microsoft decision of particular interest, especially in the split between US and EC jurisdictions regarding consumer welfare. Through the choice of its 27 different seats, Mayer Brown will expose me to experts in multiple jurisdictions and give me a chance to work on some edge cutting, cross-border transactions. This will foster a faster development of my potential and present me with an opportunity to compare and contrast different disciplines alongside one another. I will also be able to follow all deals or trials worked on right through the end and maintain a rapport with clients, thus making the work both personally and professionally rewarding.

Having worked for a number of private clients at leading legal firms, [law firm] and [law firm], I can attest to the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships. This, coupled with my fluency in [language], English and [language], would make me a valuable asset when working on cross-border transactions or with international clients.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to attend an interview for which I am available at your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


Tasks involved helping my employer to make decisions regarding interior decorations, using modeling software to produce simulations of interior decorations, participating in auction houses to purchase antiques for interior decorations and renovations projects, liaising with various workers responsible for carrying out the interior decorations such as builders, electricians and plumbers. This part-time job position has developed my project-management and leadership skills as on a daily basis I was responsible for coordinating various activities in a systematic and methodological manner. As a result, I feel that I have acquired a more innovative approach to problem solving.

Tasks involved dealing with customer queries and complaints, helping the manager to recruit new staff, making marketing decisions on a daily basis such as arranging products, providing special offers, arranging posters and placards in the store, liaising with the manager and other employees, supervising new employees. Working at the local supermarket alongside with my degree has helped me to remarkably improve my time-management and organisation skills. Simultaneously, working at the local supermarket has also provided me with a daily perspective on the operation of business in real life and the daily decisions that have to be taken to ensure the success of the firm. This I feel will make me very familiar with fundamental practices of a business in my future employment.

As a campus representative I was involved in ensuring that the [bank name] received the best coverage on the [University] campus. My tasks ranged from giving presentations about the work of [bank name] to communicating to students about their graduate employment opportunities with the firm. As a result, I have acquired the skill of being able to represent a large firm at the University which was both a privilige and a pleasant challenge. This ability to represent a firm has improved my presentation and communication skills at a very large and formal level. I feel that this skill is very important for any law firm as the work of its solicitors reflects on the firms reputation and its stance in the legal world, especially in the eyes of potential clients.