Norton Rose Fulbright Training Contract Application

Norton Rose Fulbright Training Contract Application

Describe your involvement in any extra-curricular activities, including any positions of responsibility held. (150 words max)*

In my spare time, I greatly enjoy playing [sport] and rowing. I was chosen to join the University’s [sport] team this year in [University]. I have rowed in the UK, [country] and [country] at both, club and national level and have competed in over ten competitions. In 2014, I founded the [Language] Language Society at [University] to teach and promote [Language] language and culture amongst students. 

I very much enjoy travelling and exploring new places. I particularly enjoy interacting with people from different cultures and places, and can adapt quickly to different environments and situations. I also greatly enjoy outings in nature as they help me to relax from the busy life in the city and appreciate its sublime surroundings. 

I like to undertake charitable work to give back to the community. In the past, I have made a tangible contribution to the Shelter housing charity whilst at university.

Tell us about a project you have recently worked on as part of a team. Describe your role, the outcome and what you learned. (150 words max)*

During my vacation scheme at [law firm], I worked as part of a team when preparing a file for a case to be heard in the court. I was in charge of organising all documents and compiling a hearing bundle. In order to prepare an accurate and complete hearing bundle, I prepared a schedule of all the documents we should have at the end and used post it notes to mark the status of each document. I then contacted each solicitor responsible for each document and managed to get an update on when I should expect to receive these documents. I then updated my schedule. In the end, I was able to get hold of all the up-to-date documents before the deadline. I learnt the importance of constantly communicating and working together with other professionals to ensure that we achieved the best outcome for the client. 

When have you worked under pressure? Please use a recent example to demonstrate how you overcame the challenges you faced. (150 words max)*

Last year, several hours before a rowing competition, one of our experienced rowers had dropped out due to an injury. Without this rower, our chances of winning were significantly reduced. I only had a couple of hours to deal with the situation. An hour before the competition, I managed to get two rowers to come onboard. Given that the replacement rowers were not used to rowing with us, we had to explain our strategy clearly and get the replacement rowers to do what they were comfortable with. As one of the more experienced rowers, I assumed the leadership role in coordinating the team and executing our strategy during the competition. This helped us to win the competition by adjusting to unforeseen circumstances and maintaining the team spirit. I thought on my feet when presented with the problem to find an immediate solution.

What issue have you been following in the press and how might this affect our global practice? (200 words max)*

Recently, I have been following the crypto currency revolution and the acceptance of crypto currency as a decentralised form of currency. For example, many shops around the world are already accepting Bitcoins as an alternative payment method, which is a testament to the increasing popularity of crypto currency. I feel that if the crypto currencies manage to get worldwide acceptance, as seems to be the current trend right now, Norton Rose Fulbright will be able to expand its practice in the direction of crypto currency given that crypto currency represents a very large and profitable market. I have read many articles that call for the need to regulate crypto currencies in some form. I feel that if regulation does take effect, Norton Rose Fulbright will be in an excellent position to develop its practice and provide clients with advice on regulatory issues facing crypto currency investors. 

Why do you think you will be a good lawyer? Why are you applying to Norton Rose Fulbright? (200 words max)*

I am confident that I will make a good lawyer because I have excellent academics and practical legal skills. I possess good team work and problem-solving skills which will enable me to bring a new perspective to the table and add value to clients’ cases. My commercial awareness will enable me to attune all my work to the clients’ industries and deliver effective solutions. My organisational and time-management skills will see me work on multiple matters with relative ease and allow me to meet imminent deadlines. My language skills will allow me to add value to the firm’s international matters and take advantage of opportunities from emerging markets.

I am applying to Norton Rose Fulbright because I am attracted by the firm’s rich international experience and market-leading reputation for advising businesses operating across a diverse number of industry sectors. I feel that these factors will present me with complex, international and high-value cases that will make my vacation scheme and training contract personally and professionally rewarding, and allow me to put my skill set to full use. Whilst operating in a global environment, I will be able to add value to my work through my cultural empathy and innovative thinking.