Pinsent Masons Vacation Scheme Application Example Answers

Pinsent Masons Vacation Scheme Application Example Answers

Pinsent Masons Vacation Scheme Application Example Answers

Please provide a brief overview of your responsibilities, the skills gained and what you learned from the experience with a word count of 200 

Whilst at [insert name of company], I represented Baker Hughes   in client offices, offering advice within my expertise in Wireline technology.   I was responsible for managing six accounts simultaneously, some worth more than £10 million annually.   Based on client feedback, I received a recognition award from the Sales Vice-President for conducting business with integrity.  

I negotiated with clients to set contractual terms and when necessary, to resolve unforeseen events and issues.  I prevented a contract from going to tender when I secured a three-year contract extension instead: guaranteeing work worth £20 million.

I increased market share with proactive and imaginative methods: I have successfully turned dormant accounts into significant profit generators and displaced competitors.

I delivered winning sales and technical presentations to clients.  The presentation on Wireline Acoustic Services to Total in Pau, France contributed in expanding Baker Hughes’ business in Africa.

I solved technical problems creatively.  I introduced a new application of the SBT™ tool to Conoco Phillips. On my own initiative, I not only sold the idea to the client but also negotiated and organized  field tests. This service is now used to decommission wells in the Southern North Sea and can save up to £300 thousand per well.

I represented Schlumberger as a field engineer and I was responsible for performing oil reservoir evaluation on oil rigs across the globe.  I have field experience in the following countries: Japan, Algeria, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, and Denmark.  

In the oil industry, fewer than ten percent of field employees are female. The working environment in the field, where manual handling of heavy drilling equipment is an everyday requirement of the job, is extremely macho.   Earning the respect and trust from male colleagues is not a mean feat. Of course, working hours are also extremely long, and when operations take place in remote places, relief staff cannot simply be ushered in at short notice. I am therefore accustomed to working in high-stress and high-pressure circumstances, where my decisions can cost the company millions, or even worse, cause harm to a fellow colleague.  

What are your main spare time interests? (Max 250 words) 

My main interests during my spare time include scuba diving, hill walking, golf and crafty do-it-yourself projects.   I am an adventure seeker: this year I will climb Mount Kinabalu which stands at 4114m tall, and attempt a week of kitesurfing in Portugal.  I also volunteer at Citizen Advice  Bureau in Leicester weekly as a Gateway Assessor and enjoy helping residents of my local community who do not have the means to pay for legal advice.  I regularly participate in Leicester University Law and Pro Bono Societies and mooting competitions. I won the second place in a client interview competition held by the Pro Bono society in November 2016.  

Describe your greatest non-academic achievement of the last two years? Why was this achievement important to you?  (Max 250 words)  

My greatest achievement is me securing a Wireline logging contract worth £2 million with BG Group in the North Sea for [insert name of employers].  Wireline logging is the process of lowering instruments in a well to gather data on the oil reservoir properties.  This is a significant achievement for me because  Baker Hughes   Wireline Services had not worked with BG  for over 10 years.  I was resourceful in finding opportunities and I exploited my networks in the industry.  I followed up leads, and created a presence in BG’s office: I organised lunch and learning sessions with potential users, arranged work shop tours, and met with their Supply Chain Manager.  After 10 years of using the competitor’s services, BG was somewhat moulded by their practices.   However, since I was extremely familiar with the competitor’s services, I adapted well with BG.  My efforts secured Baker Hughes the contract and the opportunity to work with BG again. 

This was important to me for several reasons.  Firstly, I displaced the competitor when I secured the work for this project, which consequently increased our market share.  Secondly, the relationships formed throughout the process of qualifying Baker Hughes for the work was rewarding.  I treasure and respect those I worked with.  Finally, the simplistic yet creative approach to finding new business created a new vibe within my team.  I am satisfied when I leave work knowing I have done something that mattered, and positively influenced others.

Describe the most interesting problem (non-legal) you have ever had to discuss or solve.  (Max 250 words)  

I discovered that my client Total was suffering from high rental costs due to their logistics inefficiencies.  Generally, equipment provided by Baker Hughes and other contractors are billed per day they remain offshore on Total’s rigs.  These charges are what is referred to as rental costs.  The number of days they remain offshore not only depend on the length of the operation, but also on how long the equipment is on transit on boats.  I discovered that Total’s logistics inefficiencies meant that equipment was unnecessarily on transit on the boats for a long time. 

I collected and analysed a year’s worth of operational data from 8 rigs.  I presented my findings to them, showed them the root cause of their high rental cost was not due to high contractual rental rates as they suspected.  Their high costs were due to long transit times on the boats.  Their cost cutting activity of reducing the number of supply boats was increasing the number of days equipment remained in transit.  The logistics department were showing promising results in their cost savings activity because the costs of boat rentals were reduced, however this was at the expense of subsurface department’s increase in rental cost. 

By showing them the problem was not caused by high contractual rental rates, I secured our contract prices.  However, more significantly, I helped them increase their efficiency which reduced their operating cost by up to £30,000 per day. 

Please explain how you arrived at your decision to pursue a career in commercial law.  (Max 250 words) 

In my previous role as an Account Manager with Baker Hughes, my responsibility among many others were to negotiate contracts with my clients.  As a service company, we were hit hard when the oil prices dropped because our clients demanded reduced rates or threatened to change suppliers.  During the process of negotiating terms and rates with my clients, I worked with the legal and contracts team.  The intricate process sparked my interest in law.  I feel that a career in law is a natural progression for me.  Moreover, having worked within the oil and gas field, I would like to gain experience within other commercial sectors, which I feel will add variety to my workload and make every single day uniquely exciting and challenging.

I am attracted to commercial law because I enjoy working at an intersection where law meets business. During my employment, I found that every business presents its own challenges and nuances. For me, this means that no case will ever be the same as I will be required to think laterally and creatively to produce cutting-edge solutions. Given the global nature of commerce, a career as a solicitor will present me with an opportunity to work in truly international teams where I will be able to make my contributions, meet new people and produce innovative solutions to clients. 

Please explain why you have decided to apply for Pinsent Masons.  (Max 250 words) 

I first heard of Pinsent Masons while working for Baker Hughes in Aberdeen.  I took the opportunity to meet the team at an insight evening, and that experience has further sparked my interest in your firm.  The people I met were welcoming, friendly, and their stories were inspiring.  

Additionally, I am interested in continuing to work and career development within the energy sector. I chose to apply for Pinsent Masons because they are market leaders in the oil and gas sector.  I believe that I will receive exposure to prestigious clients and complex problems form the oil and gas sector which will enable me to apply my skills and knowledge of this sector to not only producing cutting-edge solutions for clients but also add value to their business to help to ensure their competitiveness within this highly competitive and volatile market. Moreover, I am interested in the training programme that you offer.  I feel that the exposure to different areas of law and colleagues from different offices will give me a good exposure to different areas of law and allow me to forge personal and professional relationships, which will make every single day enjoyable. A prospect of undertaking a secondment with a client appeals to me because I would like to view the legal problems from the client’s perspective as well as develop my commercial awareness, which will enable me to deliver solutions that are in tune with clients’ commercial requirements.