Reynolds Porter Chamberlain Training Contract Application (Practical Example)

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain Training Contract Application (Practical Example)

What are your main interests, activities and pastimes? Please indicate the level to which the interests have been pursued.

I greatly enjoy amateur [Sport] and have participated in bouts for the last ten years. I have won a gold medal for England in the [English sports tournament name] amateur [Sport] tournament. Recently, I have started up an on-campus amateur [Sport] club for the first time in sixty years. Last year, I have joined the [university] [sport] club as a way of challenging myself to do something different and leaving my comfort zone. I played [sport] almost every week for my own pleasure given that I greatly enjoy pastoral views and nature. Following my [sport] lessons, I started to play against other members of the group and the coach recommended that I represent the [University] in the National [sport] Championships. I greatly enjoy motoring and the surge of adrenaline whilst being on a race track. Last summer, along with some friends, I have helped to modify and fully prepare ‘Subaru Impreza Turbo GTI 236’ and ‘Nissan Skyline 96’. I also enjoy mooting and have participated in a number of internal mooting competitions at the [University].

Please give details of any positions of responsibility indicating whether at school/college/university or elsewhere.

I am a member of the ‘[society]’ society. In the past I have been in projects aimed to save electricity and helping the local wildlife, such as switching off unused computers in the library during vacation breaks. In [month] [year], I have successfully started an on-campus [Sport] club which has been unsuccessfully attempted for over fifty years. I am currently the president of the society and have the responsibility of managing ten executives and coordinating the overall strategy and direction of the club in its teething period. Throughout my second and third year at university I have actively represented [bank name] to graduates. I had to communicate to graduates interested in a career in investment banking, give presentations, organise on-campus marketing events, coordinate and manage people involved in marketing campaigns. I am a very active executive of the [language] Speaking Society where I am actively organising cultural events such as the [celebration], [language] [national celebration], [language] Winter Party just to name a few. I am the Student-Staff Liaison Committee member for the third year law students and actively exercise my commitment to the legal profession by maintain a social dialogue between the students and staff of the law school.

Please detail anything further that is relevant (e.g. foreign travel, proficiency in languages etc)

Having lived in the United States, United Kingdom, [country] and [country] I have grown up with a deep interest in other cultures and values. This has helped me to become a very flexible individual and increased my sensitivity and empathy. I am fluent in [language], English and [language] languages.

I enjoy travelling and exploring new places because it enriches my cultural experiences that have a very high aesthetic value for me as an individual. For instance, last summer I have traveled to Spain and have went on a mountain trip where I was able to appreciate the beautiful scenery and learn something new about the place. A few years back I have traveled to Turkey and have enjoyed learning about the country’s rich history and even visited the Gallipoli peninsula, where the First World War campaign had taken place.

Please explain why a career as a solicitor attracts you.

I am interested in becoming a solicitor because it will allow me to assume the role of a project manager and will vest me with early responsibility. Having worked at [law firm], I found my interest in corporate and commercial law and realised that it would suit my energetic and convivial personality. Given that commercial law is both transactional and ongoing suggests that I will have to build a rapport with the client and apply strong communication skills coupled with high technical ability when forming a clear picture of the client’s needs and objectives and then explaining what may well be a complex area of law when advising on the best solution. This may require me to liaise with a number of legal departments thus making each day unique, enjoyable and fulfilling work experience.

I have developed my interest in law whilst at [university] University. I have completed a legal practice course where I was working in a group on a mock-trial case involving a breach of contract. This course has allowed me to incorporate my knowledge of law in a simulated solicitor’s environment. I genuinely enjoyed the team work and problem-solving elements of the course.

State your reasons for applying to Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP.

I am attracted by the small intake of trainees which I feel will offer me bespoke training that is individually tailored to my interests, experience and aptitude. Small teams also suggest that I will have increased responsibility and operate as a lawyer from day one in an informal and collegial working environment. More importantly, I will receive the excitement and challenge of working on high value, complex transactions and disputes, in the size of office where everyone knows who you are. For me this will mean getting involved in real work from the start whereby I will be able to add something to the cases I work on. This environment will unquestionably foster my professional and personal growth in my capacity as a lawyer.

I am also exhilarated by the idea that partners are to the fore throughout every transaction and that they lead small and close-knit teams that stay with clients for the long-term. Being a member of such an open team will allow me to develop real relationships with clients and a genuine in-depth understanding of their business. What distinguishes Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP from other law firms is its unique training structure with high levels of responsibility and equally a supportive working environment where direct help can be sought from highest professionals. This would not only ensure a steep growth of my learning trajectory but would also make every day unique and enjoyable experience.