Shearman & Sterling Training Contract Application Example

Shearman & Sterling Training Contract Application Example

Please use this space below to introduce yourself and tell us why you wish to pursue a legal career. Please also explain why you have chosen to apply to Shearman & Sterling and what factors influenced or informed that decision (word limit 250 words)


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Tel: [telephone number]


Shearman & Sterling LLP

Broadgate West

9 Appold Street



Dear [recruitment manager’s name],

I am a final year student at the [University] expected to graduate in [month], [year]. I am applying for a training contract to commence in [year].

I am interested in commercial law because it will allow me to assume the role of a project manager and will vest me with early responsibility. This will force me to leave my comfort zone and think more pragmatically, thus making my work experience personally and professionally rewarding.

Shearman & Sterling LLP interests me because over the years it has shaped its reputation as an innovator and pioneer across a broad range of practice areas. Shearman & Sterling LLP will not only provide me with unparalleled legal experience but will also reveal innovative perspectives on client needs and legal practice areas. I was impressed that Shearman & Sterling LLP managed to maintain a relationship with Merrill Lynch for almost over fifty years up until Merrill Lynch’s landmark merger with [bank name] in [year]. This ability to maintain client relationships over a long period distinguishes Shearman & Sterling LLP from other more short-terminist firms. This thus makes Shearman & Sterling LLP a leading firm in its delivery of innovative and superior solutions.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


Please include details of activities, interests and positions of responsibility, whether at school, university or otherwise (word limit 250 words)

Firstly, I am a third year law representative for the student-staff liaison committee where I am responsible for communicating student concerns about the operation of the [university] Law School to staff in regular meetings. As a lawyer I strongly feel that I should be active in the development of the legal profession, and as a famous judge Lord Denning said ‘the development of our legal profession should start from universities’. Secondly, I am a very pro-active member of the [university] [language] Speaking Society ([SOCIETY INITIALS]) whereby I am actively involved in organising and managing [SOCIETY INITIALS] socials. Thirdly, I am a very zealous member of the ‘[society]’ society as I feel that it is the task of humans to help the environment. In the past I have been in projects aimed to save electricity and helping the local wildlife, such as switching off unused computers in the library during vacation breaks. Fourthly, I am regularly involved in mooting competitions where I get the opportunity to exercise my analytical and advocacy skills amongst like-minded individuals in a competitive environment. On a sportier note, I greatly enjoy amateur [Sport]. With over [sport performances] I have [done the sport] at national level and represented England in the [tournament name]. Currently, I am responsible for training a large group of students at the [University]. I find that [Sport] helps to increase my discipline and determination which I keenly shared with other students by starting up a [Sport] club.