Shearman & Sterling Vacation Scheme Application

Shearman & Sterling Vacation Scheme Application

Shearman & Sterling Vacation Scheme Application

1-As one of only a handful of elite, international law firms, how do you think Shearman & Sterling LLP maintains its competitive advantage? (250 words)

I think that Shearman & Sterling maintains its competitive advantage through its vast international network with around 850 lawyers in 20 offices globally. This helps Shearman & Sterling to extend the firm’s expertise from complex cross-border transactions to exclusively local deals. This global reach and deep-knowledge of the local and international markets helps to provide clients with a highly personal service and seamless legal and commercial solutions, especially when legal matters span multiple jurisdictions. Equally, this global presence allows Shearman & Sterling to acquire and retain a wide spectrum of international clients with legal matters in different jurisdictions. This effectively helps Shearman & Sterling to consolidate its revenues from different countries and take advantage of opportunities in many emerging markets as well as financial centers across the world.

Shearman & Sterling maintains its competitive advantage by focusing and consolidating on its core practice areas including M&A, Finance and Project Development & Finance. This allows Shearman & Sterling to stand out from other firms by being a leader in these respective fields which allow it to acquire and retain high-caliber clients who contribute to the firm’s strong financial position and its unrivalled reputation. 

Shearman & Sterling are often cited in the press for working on cutting-edge legal matters, which effectively helps to strengthen Shearman & Sterling’s reputation as a leader in its core practice areas. This, in turn, helps to attract new clients who are looking for ultimate experts.

2-Please use this space to explain your interest in pursuing a legal career at a city law firm, and your interest in Shearman & Sterling LLP (250 words) [I think it is best to divide the answer into two sections dealing with each sub-section separately]

I aspire to be a solicitor at a city law firm because I believe every single day will be challenging and unique as I will be required to work on legal matters spanning different industries, clients and jurisdictions. A city law firm will offer me with an opportunity to deal with cross-border matters and international clients which will in turn expose me to international sectors and jurisdictions as well as see me work in international teams which will make for both, a personally and professionally rewarding environment. At a city law firm, I will be exposed to high-caliber clients and quality work, which will allow me to think creatively about problems and apply my personal skills to add value to my work.

I am attracted to Shearman & Sterling because it has a very impressive global presence through its international offices, client base and professionals from different jurisdictions. By working on international matters, I will be able to leverage my international experience and apply my creative thinking and problem solving skills to devise cutting edge solutions. The opportunity of a secondment to the firm’s international office will provide me with a first-hand experience of working in another jurisdiction and allow me to forge new contacts and develop my understanding of how cross-border matters work. I am very keen to gain exposure in the firm’s leading finance and M&A practice areas as these are the potential areas I would like to qualify into. 

3- Please include activities, interests and positions of responsibility, whether at school, university or otherwise. (250 words)

Outside of work, I greatly enjoy playing [sport] and rowing. I was chosen to join the university’s [sport] team this year in [city], which I feel is an important achievement given that I only started to play [sport] six months ago. My commitment to [sport] demonstrates my determination to succeed, especially when given new tasks. I also row competitively, and have rowed in the UK, Cyprus and [country] at both club and national level. Rowing taught me the importance of persistence, discipline and tolerance. I am in turn very keen to share my skills. During my studies, I also founded the [x] Language Society at [Name] University, promoting [x] language and culture amongst students. 

Moreover, I very much enjoy travelling and exploring new places. Being a sociable person, I particularly enjoy interacting with people from different cultures and places as I believe that it helps my character development. Also, I greatly enjoy nature settings, especially rivers. This is reflected in my interest and sympathy for rowing. Rowing not only allows me to enjoy myself but also helps me to concentrate. Having done this sport for over twelve years, I have a genuine love for it. I thus enjoy training people and show them how it is done; I heartily think that it is always very important to share your skills with the community.