Training Contract Application Question: Positions of Responsibility

Training Contract Application Question: Positions of Responsibility

Please tell us why you are suitable for this position at D&W and include any additional information which you feel would support your application (max 200 words).

I am suitable for this position because I am very organised, commercially minded and have a sharp analytical mind which makes me suited to dealing with complex problems that are at the forefront of today’s commerce. At [Law Firm Name] I attended a Board of Directors EGM in my capacity as an interpreter between a [language] client and English and Dutch solicitors. At the EGM, I was required to think on my feet and see things from a business perspective and always align myself with client’s commercial objectives whilst managing to remain robust and calm under pressure. I possess strong teamwork and communication skills which make me suited for working on complex projects as part of a team. At [Law Firm Name], I operated in a team when conducting document review during the disclosure stage. In order to meet a tight deadline, I was required to closely collaborate with others to gauge our progress and prioritise tasks. I was always forthcoming with ideas on how to streamline our operations and re-allocate work according to skill sets within the team. I demonstrated a capacity to lead and motivate the team whilst taking into account the views of team members.

Please indicate any major positions of responsibility and say whether they were at university, school or elsewhere. For each, describe what you were responsible for (max 200 words).

In my second year, I was a sports executive of the [language] Speaking Society. I was responsible for organising and running sporting events. During my tenure I introduced many exciting sports schemes and had helped to develop members' interest in sport. In [year], I was the founder and President of the [University] Amateur [Sport] Club. I ran regular training sessions, managed the executives of the society and oversaw the entire operation of the society. In my third year, I was elected on the Board of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee where I maintained a rapport with the staff of the law faculty and students on my law course.

Please identify your main interests and include membership of any clubs/societies not already mentioned (max 200 words)

I enjoy debating and in [year], I took part in the Clifford Chance Mooting Competition. I was a member of the [language] Speaking, Nordic and English societies and regularly participated in functions and socials: being a member of these societies allowed me to learn more about cultures and meet new people. As a dedicated member of the [environmental society], I helped to introduce and develop social responsibility initiatives at University. I had successfully organised and developed a scheme whereby all unused desktops at the library were turned off during the vacation breaks to help reduce the University's carbon footprint. I regularly participated in the five-a-side football tournaments as a way of keeping fit and challenging myself. I enjoy travelling as it helps me to broaden my mind and learn new cultures and meet interesting people.