Training Contract Application to Birketts LLP

Training Contract Application to Birketts LLP

Why do you want to pursue a career as a solicitor and what qualities do you think you possess to be a successful lawyer at Birketts LLP? (max 150 words)

I want to be a solicitor because I believe that every single day will be different and challenging, yet extremely exciting. At University and the Bar Professional Training Course, I played an active role in mooting competitions, in which I applied and interpreted the law to complex hypothetical situations. This experience pushed me to think laterally and consider different perspectives before reaching a conclusion, which I found to be very enjoyable.

I possess excellent team work and problem solving skills, good levels of commercial awareness and outstanding communication skills. Given the international commercial nature of Birketts LLP’s work, my good levels of commercial awareness and excellent problem-solving skills will enable me to deliver cutting-edge solutions that on par with clients’ business requirements. My excellent team work and leadership skills will allow me to work successfully with professionals from different international and cultural backgrounds to deliver seamless solutions for clients.  

When selecting firms to apply to, what criteria did you use and why do you believe that Birketts LLP satisfies those criteria? (max 150 words)

When selecting law firms to apply to, I was looking for a friendly smaller-sized law firm where I will be able to get maximum exposure to quality legal work. I decided to apply to Birketts LLP because it has an innovative approach and friendly and relaxed culture. I feel that this culture will allow me to realise my full potential which would not be the case with larger city law firms. I find Birketts LLP’s relatively small size to be appealing because I will receive more responsibility and autonomy over my cases, which I feel will allow me to see the ‘bigger picture’ of each case and gain experience in dealing with clients. All of this will allow me to develop into a well-rounded and successful lawyer. I am particularly interested in Birketts LLP’s shipping practice as I would like to consolidate my existing experience in this area. 

Describe an unusual situation you have found yourself in, challenging, humorous or otherwise. (max 150 words)

Last year, several hours before an important rowing competition, one of our experienced rowers had to drop out due to an injury. Without this rower, our chances of winning were significantly reduced. As a senior member of the team, I only had a few hours to deal with the situation. An hour before the competition, I managed to get two rowers to come onboard. Given that the replacement rowers were not used to rowing with us, we had to explain our strategy clearly and get the replacement rowers to do what they were comfortable with. I assumed a leadership role in coordinating the team and executing our strategy: specifically, I made sure our new team members clearly understood what was needed. This helped us to win the competition, in spite of fielding two new members. I thought on my feet when presented with the problem to find an immediate solution.

Please provide any other relevant information you would like us to consider in support of your application which has not been covered elsewhere. (max 150 words)

Outside of work, I greatly enjoy playing squash and rowing. Last year, at [University], I was chosen to join the university’s [sport] team, which I feel is an important achievement given that I only started to play [sport] six months ago. I believe this successfully outlines my determination to learn and succeed, especially when presented with new challenges. I have also rowed in the UK, [country] and [country] at both club and national level and have competed in over ten competitions. [sport] has taught me the importance of persistence, discipline and tolerance, and has shaped my personal and professional character development. On a more social note, I actively organise field trips for myself and my friends as a way of learning about local values, culture and geographical landscape. Recently these have included trips to the Lake District and Bath. I have demonstrated my strong organisational skills by planning and leading these fun excursions.