UBS Legal and Compliance Application Questions and Answers

UBS Legal and Compliance Application Questions and Answers

*Please describe why you have chosen to apply to UBS(1000 character limit).

I have chosen to apply to UBS because I want to be part of a global team where I can progress my career. The size, structure and culture of UBS will present me with constant opportunities and allow me to grow my career.

By working across geographic and business boundaries at UBS, I receive exposure to a wealth of knowledge, ideas and approaches of people from 150 nations. This access to resources and colleagues around the globe will translate to opportunities, knowledge and experience.
I have chosen to apply to UBS because I am attracted by its ethos and work environment which will encourage me to take the initiative and showcase my abilities. This will effectively allow me to flourish both personally and professionally.

At UBS I will receive the opportunity of working together with other outstanding people who are used to performing to the most exacting standards.

*Why did you choose the specific business area to which you have applied? Why do you think you will succeed in this area? (1000 character limit)

I have chosen to apply to Legal and Compliance department because I will receive the chance to operate in a dynamic environment and cutting-edge issues to preserve the reputation and success of the bank. I have developed an interest in the effect of regulatory requirements on banks such as the Basel 3 capital tier ratio requirements and the proposed ring-fencing of the retail banking from investment banking in the UK. For me, such dynamic and constantly evolving regulatory requirements will present me with intellectually stimulating work. I will have to work across diverse teams to manipulate and integrate regulatory requirements across all areas of the bank and refine the bank’s overall strategies to maintain its competitiveness and positive image in the news.

I believe that I will succeed in this area because I possess strong leadership, organisational and time-management skills which will enable me to manage my workload effectively to meet all deadlines. I am a team player and have an ability to lead and motivate teams and always contribute innovative ideas and approaches which will enable me to work in diverse teams and exceed our expectations. I possess strong communicational skills and commercial acumen which will enable me to communicate complex issues in a simple and jargon-free language and ensure that all my actions are in line with the commercial objectives of the bank.

*Describe the achievement of which you are most proud(1000 character limit).

At [Law Firm Name], I assisted the senior partner on a cross-border case comprising of a shareholder dispute in a joint venture vehicle. As the client could only speak [language], I was the first point of contact. The client requested that I attend the Board of Directors EGM of a natural resources joint venture in Amsterdam. At the EGM, I acted as an interpreter between the [language] shareholders and English and Dutch solicitors. I maintained a thick skin and resourcefully tailored my communication for diverse audiences. I applied a sharp analytical mind to explain complex issues in a simple language and made sense of a complicated situation. I was required to think on my feet and see things from a business perspective and always align myself with client’s commercial objectives whilst managing to remain robust and calm under pressure. This is an important achievement for me because I performed well under pressure and successfully applied problem-solving skills to produce real-time answers to complex questions. I have become more commercially astute and developed my organisational and team-work skills.

Please provide details relating to your hobbies, activities and interests. Also include any additional information you think is relevant to your application, including positions of responsibility, membership of any student or other organizations, travel experience or scholarships.

You may exclude any hobbies or activities that indirectly or directly disclose race, color, religion, gender, national origin or any other protected classification(1000 character limit)

I enjoy fitness and regularly practise [Sport], go jogging and play football. I share my skills and passion for the sport by providing lessons to friends and people who have an interest in [Sport]. I enjoy travelling because it allows me to meet new people and broaden my mind. In the past, I travelled to Turkey, Spain, [country], Czech Republic, Germany and other countries. I regularly take part in charitable runs and in the past, I helped to raise over four thousand pounds for the McMillan Cancer Support. I occasionally play [sport] and was selected to represent my university in the National [sport] Championships. I enjoy taking part in community initiatives and during one summer, I helped to refurbish a local church. I enjoy mooting and at university, I attained a third place in the Clifford Chance Mooting Competition.

At university, as a dedicated member of the [environmental society], I helped to introduce and develop social responsibility initiatives. I had successfully organised and developed a scheme whereby all unused desktops in the library were turned off during the vacation breaks to help reduce the university’s carbon footprint. In my third year at university, I held the position of a law representative for the student-staff liaison committee and delivered constant improvements to the law school. As the President of the [university] Amateur [Sport] Society, I organised training sessions, coordinated and managed executives, promoted the club to students and helped to attract outside investment to help the society grow.