What are some of the biggest challenges currently facing law firms?

What are some of the biggest challenges currently facing law firms?

In 200 words, describe an occasion when you spotted an opportunity to make an improvement and took action without being asked to do so? What steps did you take? What was the outcome?

During my first week at [law firm], I was given reading materials in order to acquaint myself with the case. A senior associate mentioned that there was a small quantity of authorities on a legal principle on which the team was relying in their submissions. Having read the materials sooner than expected, I decided to perform some research into this area. Having come across references to this legal principle in the reading materials, I got hold of the relevant legal articles. I managed to identify new case law in the articles and used the case citations to look up the cases on legal database. I identified and picked out the relevant citations and presented them to the team of solicitors. As a result, the solicitors incorporated my findings into a new draft of the submissions which allowed them to consolidate their legal arguments.

In 200 words, describe an occasion when you have demonstrated commitment to a task or project that resulted in you exceeding expectations either for yourself or others. What steps did you take? What was the outcome?

Whilst at [law firm], I accompanied the client and solicitors from several jurisdictions to a board of directors EGM of a joint venture vehicle in Amsterdam in my capacity as an interpreter. During our strategic pre-EGM meeting, the client informed the solicitors of the latest developments in their business and objectives. Towards the end of our strategic meeting, I noticed that some solicitors were having difficulties in understanding some of the nuances pertaining to the [language] market in which the client was operating. To address this, I held a small presentation during which I summarised the main issues raised during the meeting and how they related to the client’s overall commercial objectives. After the presentation, I held a Q&A sessions during which the solicitors had an opportunity to ask the client questions. As a result, the solicitors had a good understanding of the client’s position when going into the EGM which allowed them to reach a positive outcome for the client.

In 200 words, choose one of the firm's eight sector groups and summarise the biggest challenges and opportunities that businesses in this sector will face in the future.

Businesses operating in the energy sector will have an opportunity to benefit from the global shale gas revolution because new reserves of shale gas are being discovered across the world and the drilling techniques are undergoing constant development. With the depletion of hydrocarbons, businesses in the energy sector have the opportunity to invest into research and development of renewable energy sources and maximising their return on equity in the future when renewable energy will play an instrumental role in energy supply.

With an increased focus on offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling works, businesses in the energy sector will face the challenge of forming effective global alliances with other energy companies due to geopolitical challenges. Similarly, businesses in the energy sector will face environmental challenges and tighter regulation in the face of recent environmental disasters such as the explosion of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

In 200 words, why are you interested in working for an international city law firm and becoming a commercial solicitor with CMS Cameron McKenna?

I am interested in working for an international city law firm because I am attracted by sophisticated and challenging work. This will require me to operate on complex cross-border matters facing the clients in various industries which will allow me to think creatively about unique problems in order to produce cutting-edge solutions. I am attracted by the prospect of operating in international teams because it will provide me with an insight into different markets and jurisdictions and expose me to new ideas and approaches which will enable me to see how my contribution fits into the bigger picture.

I am interested in becoming a commercial solicitor with CMS Cameron McKenna because it has a very strong international reach that will enable me to operate on the most exciting and challenging problems facing the clients internationally in close liaison with the firm’s overseas offices. I find CMS Cameron McKenna’s sector approach very appealing because it will provide me with a deep exposure to individual sectors and enable me to understand their intricacies and the requirements of clients. I find CMS Cameron McKenna’s list of high calibre clients appealing as this will ensure that I will operate at the forefront of commercial and legal developments.

In 200 words, please list extra-curricular interests, activities and responsibilities.

I have a strong passion for [sport] and run regular [sport] classes at my local gym. I like to travel and enjoy camping, jogging, motoring, football, eating out and swimming. I take a keen interest in the current affairs and enjoy reading literature books. I also collect military memorabilia. I have a strong interest in the emerging markets and I am currently working on a project to help to introduce innovative payment systems into [country] and CIS. In [year], I established an events management business with an innovative business model that focuses on providing budget party packages in the retail market and helping restaurants and cafes to restructure their operations to increase their competitiveness and profitability. I am assisting the director in running the business. I am closely involved with my local community and help people with their legal and administrative matters on a pro bono basis. At university, I pioneered the University of [university] Amateur [sport] Club for the first time in fifty years and was the president of the society. I was the sports executive at the [university] [language] Speaking Society and organised sporting events such as five-a-side football and pool tournaments.