Why are you interested in, and suited to, a career in law?

Why are you interested in, and suited to, a career in law?

A. Why are you interested in, and suited to, a career in law, in particular with SJ Berwin? (200 words)*

I am attracted to a career in commercial law because I enjoy dealing with complex problems and adapting to new challenges and, with the globalisation of commerce, I will operate in a wide array of industry sectors and work as part of a global team to make things happen, set new standards and push boundaries. I am suited to a career in law because I possess good teamwork and problem-solving skills which will enable me to work in diverse groups of people to find solutions for clients. I am very organised and possess good attention to detail and analytical skills which will enable me to manage my workload effectively and complete my work to a high standard. I am motivated, have a propensity for lateral thinking and always show initiative, which will allow me to embrace new challenges and add value to cases. I am attracted to SJ Berwin because it will guarantee me with global exposure, interesting and high-profile cases, a client-secondment and high levels of responsibility over my workload.

B. Outside of your studies and work experience, what is your most important achievement to date and why? (200 words)*

In [year], I established the University of [university] Amateur [sport] Club. I regard this as my most important achievement because I was the first person to succeed in opening a [sport] club since the opening of the university. I developed and augmented a new strategy that enabled me to receive approval from the University’s Sports Committee. The [sport] club has enabled students to learn a new sport, acquire new skills and realise their talents. A year later, [university] University has had two gold medals in amateur [sport]. I am very proud of my achievement because I was able to pass on my passion and skills to other students, created new possibilities and succeed in a cause that is very important to me despite much opposition from the university.

C. Describe an event which has recently been in the news and explain why this has been of interest to you. (200 words)*

Car manufacturer VolksWagen has acquired the remaining half of Porsche’s carmaking operations for €4.5bn. Porsche is poised to join a stable of 12 VW brands next month. I am interested in this merger because VW is acquiring a rapidly growing company that boasts some of the highest profit margins in the business. Whereas, VW is one of the world’s biggest carmaker by sales. The carmakers will reap more than €700m in expected annual synergies through closer co-operation in car development, purchasing, manufacturing and sales. The Porsche holding company’s primary asset remains a 50.7 per cent stake in the now enlarged VW Group. Porsche plans to invest the proceeds in new businesses “along the automotive value chain”. Ultimately, this will speed up the pace of innovation in the automotive industry and create more choice for the consumers and lower prices through larger economies of scale. I was attracted by the legal aspects of the merger whereby VW exploited a loophole to avoid paying about €1bn in tax. By transferring a single VW share to Porsche, the transaction is set to be classed as a reorganisation, not a takeover, under German law.