Why do you want to apply to this law firm?

Why do you want to apply to this law firm?

Please complete a covering letter of no more than 500 words setting out why you wish to work for Parabis and why we should consider you as a candidate.

I wish to work for Parabis LLP because it is a highly ambitious, modern and innovative company that is changing the legal environment for the way legal and non-legal professional services are delivered to the insurance sector by adopting the Alternative Business Structure. This will in turn expose me to expertise from the firm’s legal and non-legal services, which will enable me to understand the insurance industry and the requirements of the clients. At Parabis LLP, I will be at the forefront at developing new products and services for clients regarding every change in the litigation landscape with the view of growing the business and increasing its market share. This will require me to constantly push borders and set new standards which will make my work environment highly stimulating and rewarding.

During my employment, I decided to specialise in litigation because I feel that this practice area matches my dynamic and creative personality. I feel that Parabis LLP will help me to achieve my objective because it has strong expertise across a diverse range of defendant insurance litigation practice areas resulting from its acquisitions and mergers with other insurance specialists as well as its strong relationships with leading insurers. This will effectively give me a diverse exposure across a range of practice areas and enable me to make an informed decision in which practice area I wish to specialise.

At [law firm], I demonstrated analytical ability, discerning judgment and organisational skills whilst proofreading and amending an IPO Memorandum. Whilst at the printers, I incorporated real-time changes into the prospectus during the final discussions between the parties. I successfully logged all pages that were handed in for processing and prioritised my workload to meet tight deadlines.

I possess good teamwork and problem solving skills and commercial acumen. Whilst at [Law Firm Name], I attended a Board of Directors EGM. I applied a sharp analytical mind to explain complex issues in a simple language and made sense of a very complicated situation. I demonstrated lateral thinking and always aligned myself with client’s commercial objectives.

I possess initiative, drive and commitment. At [magic circle law firm], I was required to analyse authority materials on several legal principles and extract information that can be incorporated into the submissions. At an earlier meeting, I was informed that the solicitors were thinking of abandoning one legal argument as there were hardly any authorities on it. Having completed my task, I went out of my way to conduct research into this area of law. I managed to obtain useful case law that we subsequently incorporated into our submissions which consolidated the strength of our argument.