Why do you Wish to Pursue a Career in Commercial Law

Why do you Wish to Pursue a Career in Commercial Law

In your covering letter, please explain your reasons for wishing to pursue a career in commercial law. Please also explain your motivation for applying to Baker & McKenzie. You should also use the covering letter as an opportunity to include any additional information that is relevant to your application but is not covered in the form. (750 words max)*

Commercial law

I have chosen a career in commercial law because I will receive exposure not only to law but also to commercial organisations of all shapes and sizes. In order to devise an optimal solution for clients, I will have to learn how their businesses function, the markets they operate in and the challenges they face. This knowledge will enable me to manipulate and apply law creatively in order to meet unique requirements of different commercial organisations. With the globalisation of commerce, I will find myself working across different borders, financial centres, jurisdictions and organisations which will effectively present me with challenging and stimulating work. I decided to pursue a career in commercial law during my employment at [law firm] where I was a direct port of contact for a client operating in the [country] energy sector. I enjoyed analysing multiple aspects of the client’s business because this provided me with a deep insight into their requirements. This enabled me to relate and attune all my work to the client’s requirements and apply my skill-set to devise pragmatic and effective solutions.

I am attracted to Baker & McKenzie because it has a unique global reach and instinctive international mindset. Baker & McKenzie has a strong presence in major financial centres and emerging markets which enables it to understand local markets and provide a seamless service across many regions and jurisdictions. This will add an international element to almost all of my work and present me with an opportunity to work in diverse teams across different jurisdictions to analyse distinct problems and devise creative and innovative solutions. Operating on a global platform will make me a privy to new approaches and perspectives which will enable me to develop into a successful international lawyer and make my environment stimulating and rewarding. I am very attracted by the prospect of undertaking a secondment in one of the firm’s international offices because it will present me with a practical and valuable insight into another jurisdiction and business environment, enabling me to develop personally and professionally.

Baker & McKenzie will present me with exposure to high-quality international clients and plenty of scope for cross-border work. This, coupled with the firm’s strategy to provide a unique combination of local and global expertise, will enable me to apply my skills to challenging assignments and place me in an environment where I will be able to learn from colleagues across different offices and develop my skills and mindset to grow into a well-rounded international lawyer.

I am attracted by Baker & McKenzie’s culture which has been described as ‘Personable’, ‘open’, ‘friendly’ and ‘diverse’ because it will enable me to operate in an environment that will foster my personal development and allow me to build professional relationships. The firm’s diversity will enable me to work in teams where I will be able to draw from a range of experiences, knowledge and perspectives to devise creative and cutting-edge solutions to clients’ problems.