Writing The Perfect Training Contract Covering Letter

Writing The Perfect Training Contract Covering Letter

Dear [name]

I have completed a qualifying law degree at the University of [university] with an upper second class grade in [year]. I am interested in undertaking a training contract with Noerr LLP.

I am attracted to Noerr LLP because the relatively small size of the London office and the collegiate culture of the firm will enable me to receive a broad exposure across the firm’s different practice areas and allow me to receive training with a focus on my personal interests, viewpoints and career goals. I find the firm’s strong global capabilities appealing because this will expose me to interesting cross-jurisdictional problems and enable me to collaborate with the firm’s overseas offices. This will allow me to contribute my ideas and perspectives and work in integrated teams to develop ideas into effective and tailored solutions for clients. Operating on an international platform will enable me to gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by clients around the world and how different jurisdictions work and interact with each other. This knowledge will help me to develop into a well-rounded international lawyer and enable me to provide a seamless service to clients. I find Noerr LLP’s focus on Eastern and Central Europe very appealing because it will present me with an exposure to emerging markets and challenging problems. This, together with the firm’s creative thinking and in-depth industry knowledge will allow me to think about the clients’ problems creatively and gain a deep exposure to challenges and opportunities facing clients in different industries will make for a very empowering and interesting environment.

I have chosen to become a solicitor because I am attracted by sophisticated and challenging work that will provide me with legal as well as commercial exposure and thus make for a varied and intellectually stimulating environment. I will have to work closely with clients to understand the industry in which they operate and the challenges and opportunities they face. This will present me with extensive involvement in different sectors and unique problems, which will make my work interesting and varied. In turn, I will work closely with other lawyers to discuss and develop ideas into effective solutions which will give me an insight to different approaches and perspectives. A profession as a solicitor will provide me with responsibility over my workload since I will deal with several matters at once which will enable me to develop my approach and fully apply my skill-set which will make every day empowering. Given the fast pace of the globalisation of commerce, I find the prospect of cross-border work appealing because this will provide me with increasingly complex and unique matters. I will be presented with an opportunity to work in international teams which will bestow me an insight into how different jurisdictions and markets operate and impact on the clients’ objectives.

I believe that I am a strong candidate for a training contract because I possess an international outlook, commercial acumen and strong problem solving and analytical skills which will enable me to understand individual client requirements and the environment in which they operate and deal with their unique problems across a broad spectrum of industries. At [law firm], I gave a short presentation during a board of directors EGM in order to explain local nuances affecting the client in [country]. I successfully applied my understanding of the client’s business and the environment in which they operate by explaining the relevance of each issue to the client’s overall objectives.

I am a good team player and have an ability to express my ideas in a simple and understandable manner which will enable me to discuss and develop ideas and contribute my perspectives. At [law firm], I worked closely with the firm’s London and [city] offices when proofreading and amending witness statements. I played a proactive role by sharing my ideas and perspectives with other team members. I kept a check on time, suggested ways to improve our work and helped others with their workload. This helped to develop my organisational skills since I was required to prioritise competing deadlines and manage my time and resources effectively.

I am very enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and motivated which will see me take initiative and go beyond what is expected of me and think creatively about the clients’ problems in order to devise innovative solutions. Recently, I established a business in the events management sector with an innovative business model that focuses on budget packages for parties and helping underperforming businesses to restructure in the business-to-business sector.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to attend an interview for which I am available at your convenience.

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,